Students are exposed to many distractions, especially when learning at home, so we teachers have to come up with new, efficient ways to captivate their attention. Recently, I tried app smashing – and it was a success! Here’s how I combined two of my students’ favorite games, Kahoot! and Minecraft, to increase engagement and motivation.

What is app smashing?

Greg Kulowiec from EdTech Teacher defined app smashing as a process of using multiple apps in conjunction with one another to complete a final task or project. The term might sound new to you but the reality is that you have most likely been doing it for years! Inspired by this concept, I “app smashed” Kahoot! and Minecraft to transform how I plan and deliver my lessons.

Challenging students’ creativity and captivating attention

One of the best things about app smashing is the way it challenges students’ creativity. This also unleashes additional fun of figuring out how to combine features from various apps. Students get a chance to experience something new that will captivate them.

For example, in the app smash activity I came up with, students need to complete a self-paced Kahoot! challenge to get access codes or accomplish tasks given in Minecraft.

How to app smash Kahoot! and Minecraft?

It is easy to get started. Simply take the links of the student-paced Kahoot! challenges that you have prepared and embed the links on a Non Player Character (NPC) in your Minecraft world. Here’s how to do it:

For example, I’ve created a Minecraft world about saving doctors from cells. In this world, my students need to complete a set of Kahoot! challenges and get access codes to open the cells in Minecraft.

This world consists of several levels, so I can continue adding more challenges. Students will have to use their creative thinking to solve problems by creating or placing blocks based on task instructions.

How do students access the world?

I shared the Minecraft World with my students via OneDrive so they can access it from home. I’ll review their answers and completed tasks.

Many educators are currently switching to virtual or home-based learning due to temporary school closures. When distance learning is our temporary new teaching reality, this is an awesome way to engage and motivate your students remotely . Kahoot! challenges provide a great way to get real time insights into students learning and deliver engaging learning content via interactive media. The best part- students can learn at their own pace!

Have you tried app smashing before? Give it a go and let us know by tweeting @GetKahoot!