Having just concluded the Annual General Meeting for our shareholders, I am excited to share some big updates from Kahoot! for the coming months as well as highlight the key achievements from the past few months.

2020 has been an extraordinary year for most companies, and that’s no different for Kahoot!. As the world faced COVID-19, Kahoot! was able to successfully pivot and adjust operations to the current reality — in which distance and virtual learning have become the new “normal” for educational institutions, workplaces and homes everywhere. In the last three months, we have seen a fivefold increase in Kahoot! being used within remote learning in asynchronous individual assignments and we will have over 19 million active accounts by the end of this quarter.

How the Kahoot! journey started

At Kahoot!, our users have always been at the center of all our initiatives and goals, on our mission of making learning awesome. The journey from our humble beginnings at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), where our co-founders Morten Versvik and Alf Inge Wang created Kahoot! as part of a research project, and today, when we have reached over 4 billion participating players accumulated and becoming a global brand, has been incredible.

As we grow further, we are constantly developing new, innovative ways to add even more value for our users and fulfill our vision of becoming the leading learning platform in the world.

Upcoming initiatives

At today’s Annual General Meeting, I shared some of our upcoming initiatives that will make Kahoot! an even larger player in the global learning industry.

Very soon, we will be launching our newest initiative that I am personally very excited about, Kahoot! Academy: a knowledge portal, content platform and marketplace, connecting the global educator community to high-quality content. It will give every student access to high quality learning resources at school and at home. Kahoot! Academy will serve as a global content network that will connect educators, learners and brands, providing them with premium, verified content on any topic and in any language.

It will also be a marketplace for educators and brands to reach the global community of over 6 million teachers already on the Kahoot! platform. Becoming a “one-stop shop” of resources for any educator. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days: we will be revealing more details about the first partners, brands and educators to join Kahoot! Academy.

In time for back-to-school this year, we will launch Kahoot! EDU, an enhanced, premium Kahoot! experience for entire schools, districts and higher education institutions. Kahoot! EDU is a robust, structured, and scalable way of offering Kahoot to educational institutions to engage students, empower teachers, provide IT admins greater control, and elevate school leaders with tools to foster a positive learning environment.

We will share more details about these two initiatives at our first-ever Kahoot! EDU Summit on June 17, 2020. This is an all-day virtual professional development event for teachers and educators globally, with talks from the Kahoot! team, our partners, ambassadors and change-makers within education.

For the new school year, we will also be launching Kahoot! Family: a combo pack offering families a set of tools and apps to learn at home. This pack will include subscription to the premium version of the Kahoot! app as well as our other learning apps, covering math and reading and chess.

For brands and publishers, Kahoot! will be launching a new tailor-made offering later this year, to help them distribute their high-quality content and reach more relevant audiences through the power and reach of the Kahoot! platform.

For organizations, Kahoot! is launching Kahoot! 360, the next generation of corporate learning which involves everyone within an organization in engaging learning experiences. This is a great launch of our next generation solutions for all companies using Kahoot! In over 150 countries.

Last but not least, we are preparing and planning diligently for our upcoming IPO on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Q1 2021.

Recent accomplishments

Since my last update, we announced several initiatives including new study modes for students within the Kahoot! app, Kahoot! study groups for students, as well as our powerful integration with Microsoft Teams bringing more engagement to distance learning and video conferencing. To continue supporting teachers and schools, we launched our most robust offering for schools, Premium+, which allows teachers to create and teach full interactive lessons using Kahoot!.

I couldn’t be prouder of our team who is working around the clock to develop better features and products at a rapid pace to adapt to the evolving needs and add more value for our users and customers. Through 2020, we have delivered some of our best offerings yet, and I can promise you the best is yet to come!