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16 Oct 2020

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Anti-bullying: Kahoot! and the Ad Council teamed up to empower students and teachers to be anti-bullying champions

Read how the Ad Council used Kahoot! to inspire thousands of teens to be more inclusive and empathetic through their Because of You bullying prevention campaign.

As many schools remain closed and we continue to social distance, maintaining healthy friendships and social connection is more important than ever. To help teens learn about how they can foster inclusivity and empathy among their peers, Kahoot! teamed up with the Ad Council to launch a series of ready-to-play kahoots for teens as part of the Ad Council’s anti-bullying campaign, Because of You.

The Ad Council’s Bullying Prevention kahoot collection, which can be found on the Ad Council’s Kahoot! Academy Premium Partner page, was featured on the Kahoot! Discover page during National Bullying Prevention Month in October last year. Recently, the Ad Council released a case study, “SMALL ACTIONS, BIG IMPACT: The Ad Council and Kahoot! Tackle Teen Bullying Prevention” sharing the key elements and results of the partnership with Kahoot! that helped make their campaign a success.

Raising awareness of the power of words

Bullying and social exclusion have long been important issues for teenagers. But with the rise of social media, now one of the primary modes for social interaction, many teens are disconnected from the impact their words and actions can have on others.

According to the Ad Council + Kahoot! case study, 66% of teens reported experiencing “personal drama, teasing and/or exclusion” on a regular basis, and more than half of teens reported witnessing bullying among their peers. However, less than 20% of teens speak up to stop bullying when they see it, and most do not believe they participate in or enable it.

Empowering teens to be anti-bullying heroes

The three kahoots used in the Ad Council’s Because of You campaign were designed to raise teen awareness of both the positive and negative effects they can have on their peers, and to empower them to use their voices proactively in creating more welcoming and inclusive social spaces.

Throughout the three kahoots, which included a variety of quiz and poll questions, participating teens were encouraged to reflect on their experiences with bullying — what they have witnessed among their peers, how others have made them feel included or excluded and how their own words and actions may have impacted others in positive or negative ways. Not only did playing these kahoots create meaningful reflection and learning experiences for teens; they also provided educators with actionable insights they can use to better support their students, whether in the classroom or virtually.

What's Your Effect on Others

Because of You...

Play this kahoot to encourage your students to reflect on the power of their words and actions and consider how they are affecting others.

Small Actions, BIG IMPACT

Small Actions, BIG IMPACT

This kahoot helps students understand how their words and actions, both online and in-person, make other people feel.



Be the Change!

Be the Change!

Help your students see how they can make a positive impact on those around them with inclusive and empathetic actions.

Reaching and inspiring thousands of students

In their case study, the Ad Council shared the impressive stats of using Kahoot! to support their campaign. More than 171K players participated in the series of kahoots within the first three weeks of launching, and have now garnered over 250K participating players. The three games have been played in more than 125K sessions.

“I’m thrilled that Ad Council’s Because of You anti-bullying campaign could harness Kahoot’s platform to speak to a younger, difficult-to-reach target audience, and help start valuable conversations between educators and students,” said Gabriel Shore, Media Manager at Ad Council.

Not only did the Ad Council reach a wide audience of participants, they also found that participants were spending a substantial amount of time completing each kahoot — a positive sign that dialogue was taking place between educators and their students participating in the kahoots.

The three kahoots had an average game duration of 10.8 minutes, and players spent an average of 18 minutes on their “Be the Change!” poll kahoot. The Ad Council’s most popular kahoot, “Because of You,” drew nearly 75K participating players in its first three weeks, with 3 out of 4 players during that period being in the campaign’s target audience of students and young students. The Ad Council’s press release announcing the kahoot series also engaged an extensive audience, with 230K impressions on Twitter.

Diving deeper into social and emotional learning

With teens experiencing so much change and uncertainty in these times, helping them to develop their emotional literacy and healthy communication skills has never been more important.

After playing the Because of You series of kahoots and exploring the Ad Council’s other thought-provoking kahoots, discover new social and emotional learning experiences with our SEL kahoots or read about our Premium Partners that have recently launched SEL content on Kahoot! Academy.

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