In today’s climate of blended and distance learning, it’s more important than ever to help educators and students access high-quality learning material. That’s why we’re delighted to announce “Kahoot! Publisher.” This new offering equips publishers with the tools to turn their content into interactive learning experiences, which helps grow their brand and make learning awesome!

Increase the impact and reach of your content with Kahoot!

It only takes minutes to create high-quality interactive learning experiences, thanks to our range of advanced tools – including polls, puzzles, and an image library that’s stocked with millions of ready-to-use pictures from Getty Images.

You can easily turn any topic into an engaging kahoot that complements existing content or engages new audiences. Plus, you can save time by collaborating with colleagues in a team space to co-create and review kahoots, ensuring your material is at its engagement-boosting best!

Reach audiences focused on learning and education

With “Kahoot! Publisher,” you can inspire and grow your audience by publishing your content and brand to millions of educators, students, and social users from around the world on the Kahoot! platform.

Alternatively, you can stay in complete control of your brand by restricting access for a specific group to play for free or to include kahoots in your commercial offering.

Gain exclusive access to Kahoot! Academy

We recently launched Kahoot! Academy, a knowledge platform, online community, and marketplace for educators and Premium partners.

The likes of National Geographic, Time for Kids, and Cambridge University Press have already joined as Premium partners, and as a part of “Kahoot! Publisher,” you can gain exclusive access to Kahoot! Academy.

Upon approval by Kahoot!, you’ll be able to publish all your kahoots, links to social media profiles, and external content on one easy-to-access Kahoot! Academy profile page that can be viewed with or without a Kahoot! account.

Boost your commercial offering with “Kahoot! Publisher”

On top of including your content in the Kahoot! Academy marketplace (coming soon!), you’ll also be able to include kahoots in your commercial offerings – both in print and across digital platforms! For example, you can embed kahoots on your website and share kahoot links and game PINs behind a paywall and in print publications.

Learn more about “Kahoot! Publisher” and be among the first to know when it officially launches.