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8 Mar 2021

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10 inspiring women on Kahoot! Academy who are committed to high standards, inclusivity, and empowerment

From inspiring creativity in class to fostering community school-wide, these 10 Kahoot! Academy Verified educators #ChooseToChallenge themselves and their students to unlock their full potential.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Kahoot! Academy is celebrating just a few of the many women Verified educators who empower their students, inspire their colleagues, and contribute to making learning awesome around the world through their unique content.

These women are committed to helping their students succeed – no matter the age, grade, topic, or hurdle that comes their way. Read on to see how these women educators are empowering students all over the world and see how you can bring their kahoots to your students!

Leticia Citizen, also known as CitiCoach, helps build classroom and school culture, brings about racial awareness, and fosters digital citizenship.

Art teacher Ms. Steiner inspires her students to get creative with lessons on colors and textures.

Seventeen-year veteran teacher and former doctor Christie Palladino enforces active learning strategies in her lessons on the body and how to keep it healthy!

Minna, high school English as a Foreigh language teacher, guides her students in taking on the challenge of learning English and helps them expand their vocabulary through play.

Literature teacher Charell Coleman helps her students “get lit” by providing them with reading comprehension strategies and helpful vocabulary.

Brenda Cano Alvarez makes learning Spanish engaging and fun for her elementary school students.

Ms. Smith, social studies teacher, takes her students on an exciting journey throughout American history, so their knowledge of the past can support their future.

Rocío Diaz highlights the different varieties or dialects of Spanish to foster a great appreciation for the language and its history.

High school math teacher Jaye Schaffer helps her students conquer challenging math concepts like exponents, logarithms, and geometric sequences!

Special education teacher Victoria Fasulo creates differentiated game-based content that makes science more relatable and fun for learners of all ages – they love it!

These are just a few of our awesome Verified educators on Kahoot! Academy and we are excited to welcome more! Interested in becoming a Verified educator? Join Kahoot! Academy today.