This is Drops and why it is awesome!

Drops, one of the most recent additions to the Kahoot! family of apps, is not just another language learning app. First and foremost, it’s a captivating game. Drops is easy to use for all ages and backgrounds, and as you play on your mobile device, you can learn new words and phrases in 42+ languages!

Through a series of games and interactive practice, you’re introduced to thousands of new words with languages ranging from popular picks such as Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese, to Polynesian languages and rare languages such as Ainu. You’re not committed to long, intensive learning sessions but can instead enjoy quick, fun, and focused practice. Get a quick preview in this video:

Turn language learning into a daily habit

Drops offers curated word lists to tailor your learning journey to your goals. For example, as the world is gradually opening up, you can prepare for your upcoming travels with Travel Talk. With the Fun & Recreation and Food & Drink categories, you can get ready to talk about your interests and favorite picks. If you need a new language for work, the Business & Tech vocabulary category will help you get started with essential vocabulary.

Once you select a topic to learn, Drops takes you through various interactive activities and word games to help you master new words. For example, to memorize words quicker, you’ll be asked to connect them to illustrations.

After you’ve learned 50 words, you can then visit the Review Dojo, a special section in Drops designed to reinforce knowledge. There, you can test what you’ve learned with our spaced-repetition algorithm. Based on your performance, it will flag which words need some more practice.

Drops will help you turn language learning into a sustainable daily habit. Since it only requires 5 minutes a day to practice, it’s easy to keep up and make progress. And even if you miss a day, don’t worry – you won’t lose your score streak. We abide by the 2-day rule which means that as long as you come back the day after you’ve missed a study session, your streak keeps running.

learning a new language

Let’s make language learning awesome!

Start learning a new language today! Download the Drops app for iOS or Android. To practice 5 minutes a day, you can get started with a free account.

To get access to a Drops Premium account, sign up and create an account here. With our special offer, Kahoot!+ Family and Premier users can try out Drops Premium for free for 14 days and get 50% off a Premium Annual Subscription.

Already using Drops? Then keep an eye out for new updates. We’re always adding new content and introducing new features to make your language learning experience even more awesome. Happy language learning!