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Kahoot! and Kahoot! Academy say thank you to all educators around the globe – we appreciate you!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, the team at Kahoot! and Kahoot! Academy want to give a special thanks to all educators, including our Verified educators, who teach, engage, inspire and empower learners all around the world.

May 3, 2021

Educators, you are true superheroes. We appreciate the way you show up for our students every day to teach them how to find their voice, how to read and write, how to solve problems, and how to do things that seem impossible. We appreciate you every day, but especially this year, as you have navigated a new way of teaching and learning online.

Here are just a few thank-yous for the ways you change lives each day:

Thank you for teaching our students to read, write, and comprehend challenging texts in native and foreign languages. Shout out to Eduardo Bernal, English teacher from Spain, and Marilena Ferraro, literature teacher from Italy, for creating ways to make learning English and Italian awesome!

Thank you for challenging our students with complex numbers and analytical thinking. Cora Lauderdale, elementary school teacher, teaches respect and math at the same time, and Michael Toms, German math educator, who supports his students online and in-person.

Thank you for inspiring our students to be creative. Chase Chatfield creates kahoots about art and relationships to help motivate his students to take ownership of their learning and Miles Nottage, music teacher, invites his students to enjoy the magic of music!

Thank you for cultivating skills like self and social awareness, decision-making, and resiliency to prepare students for any challenge. Emma Jane, wellness and social work teacher, and Pedro Civera, teacher of many subjects including ESL, provide students with self-care strategies.

Thank you for giving our students tools to treat their bodies well and care about their health. We’re giving a big round of applause for Rachel Richards, a Home Economics teacher, and Sufyan Akram, a medical educator, for teaching us best practices.

Thank you for providing a deeper understanding of the world through science and history. We appreciate Sean O’Brien, creator of awesome science kahoots, and Stephanie Mainer, resilient history teacher, for providing us with new perspectives.

Thank you for being educators. We appreciate the difference you make every single day.

What are ways that you show your appreciation for educators around the world? Share your thoughts on Twitter or Instagram!

These are just a few of our awesome Verified educators on Kahoot! Academy and we are excited to welcome more! Interested in becoming a Verified educator? Join Kahoot! Academy today.

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