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28 May 2021

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Learn how to use anger for good with the new anger management collection from the Angry Birds!

Feeling a little frustrated on the job? Learn to harness anger and create positive change with this new series of kahoots for professionals in any field, from Rovio Entertainment and Kahoot! Academy

Whether it’s the printer running out of ink or losing your wifi signal right before the big meeting, most professionals are no strangers to anger at work. Challenges and setbacks can throw a wrench into your day and leave you feeling stressed, even making it harder to be productive for the rest of the day.

Anger Management with Angry Birds and Kahoot!

Thankfully, no one knows anger like the Angry Birds, which is why Rovio Entertainment is bringing their beloved feathered friends to a brand new collection of kahoots on Kahoot! Academy, tailor made for professionals and teams to hone their anger management skills. Love playing Angry Birds with your friends? Now you can play with your co-workers too as you learn healthy mindsets, smash bad habits and soar towards your goals!

Play the first “Anger management with Angry Birds” kahoot here!

With the kahoots in this series, users will be stretching their wings and flying towards personal growth with the help of the much-loved Angry Birds characters to break the ice. These kahoots can be played in the office or with remote team members anywhere, either live in the meeting room, via video conferencing or self-paced through the challenge mode. All the kahoots in this collection are available to play for free on Kahoot! Academy, accessible right inside Kahoot! on the web or in the Kahoot! Mobile App.

The first Angry Birds game was launched in 2009 by the Finnish mobile game developer Rovio Entertainment. Debuting as a popular mobile game, now downloaded billions of times, it has since grown into a global entertainment brand, including numerous Angry Birds mobile games, series of animations and two blockbuster movies: The Angry Birds Movie and The Angry Birds Movie 2. In March, Kahoot! Academy teamed up with the Angry Birds to engage learners of all ages in learning about climate change, as part of the brand’s ongoing initiative to use “anger for good.” This collection will soon be available in seven languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Norwegian.

At Kahoot!, our goal is to empower everyone to reach their full learning potential, and we believe that starting with your emotions and building a healthy mindset is key. We’re excited to be working together with Rovio Entertainment to support professionals and corporate teams around the world in learning how to tackle challenges, solve problems and build emotional resilience, all while having fun playing engaging learning games!

This collection will include an introductory kahoot and six main kahoots, published weekly. Together, the kahoots create a course that includes not only the challenge of the game, but also commitments that encourage players to build on their learning, take action and drive real progress toward personal and professional goals. Kahoot! 360 Pro users can also access a special edition of this course that includes Pro features such as Word Cloud and Brainstorm experiences, enabling even more dynamic collaboration with colleagues. All users will be able to access and play the basic collection to spark meaningful reflection, conversations and growth.

“After a successful collaboration to raise awareness around climate change, we’re excited to continue our amazing partnership with the Kahoot! team,” said Stephen Porter, Brand Director at Rovio Entertainment. “Dealing with anger in constructive, useful ways has always been a core theme for Red and all the Angry Birds, and this partnership will help us share those lessons in a fun way with the world!”

The first kahoots in this series are now available to play on Kahoot! Academy, a knowledge platform and online community, which allows anyone to access content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences. All Kahoot! Academy content is available for all Kahoot! users, both through the website and on the mobile app.