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4 Jun 2021

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Become the CEO of your emotions with a new Angry Birds anger management challenge!

Ready to use your anger for good? Discover new ways to see and transform anger into positive change in the workplace with this newest challenge from Rovio Entertainment and Kahoot! Academy.

Summer is starting to heat up in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean our tempers have to! Last week, we announced the launch of a series of kahoots all about anger management, featuring none other than the beloved Angry Birds. In the first kahoot game of the series, users began exploring how they experience anger in the workplace and what strategies they use to handle difficult situations.

Now, Rovio Entertainment is inviting you and professionals across all fields to dive deeper into anger management with another, brand-new challenge on Kahoot! Academy!

angry birds anger management

Play the new “Anger management with Angry Birds” challenge here

Transforming anger into fuel for growth

Through the kahoots in this collection, you will be able to discover different ways of understanding anger, not as a “bad” emotion to get rid of, but as a powerful force that we can harness to drive positive, meaningful action. In the newest addition to this collection, our feathered friends guide us through an exploration of what anger truly is and how we can begin to make our emotions a strong ally as we work to achieve our goals.

Users can follow this series through six full-length lessons, in addition to last week’s introductory kahoot, with a new kahoot game added each week. Challenge your co-workers to play along to learn healthy habits and hone your anger management skills together!

Play the second game of the collection here:

All the kahoot games in this series are available to play for free on Kahoot! Academy, and can be played via the web or through the Kahoot! app.

This ongoing series is available on Kahoot! Academy, a knowledge platform and online community, which allows anyone to access content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences. Kahoot! Academy content is available for all Kahoot! users, both through the website and on the mobile app.

Follow the Angry Birds Anger Management collection to fly high with your team as you reflect, learn and grow together!