To support teachers (our true heroes) of any grade or subject for a back-to-school season with new students, ever-developing content and uncertain learning environments, Verified educators Gina Ruffcorn, Suzanie Mat Saat, Brendan Timlin, Linda Sees, and Steve Auslander are here to provide their guidance.

1) Give your students a certain amount of control over your classroom

Gina Ruffcorn, 5th grade teacher in Mondamin, Iowa, believes that classroom management should be led by both the students and teachers. It’s important to give students the opportunity to have jobs, offer input, and be decision-makers in the classroom, so that they can practice being self-reliant and independent. Relinquishing some control to the students will not only teach them these skills, but it will also make teachers’ lives much easier!

For more advice from Gina, watch this video where she shares more tips:

2) A little competition can increase engagement!

Dr. Suzanie Mat Saat, Senior lecturer at the Australian Technical and Management College, uses Kahoot! to promote friendly competition, which motivates her students to participate and engage in any lesson. It’s especially challenging to engage students when presenting unfamiliar concepts or terms, so she uses different question types like true/false and word cloud to increase participation and gain insightful feedback. They love seeing who’s at the top of the leaderboard!

For more advice from Suzanie, watch this video where she shares more tips:

3) Keep parents informed of children’s progress and learning

Even though it might take some extra time and effort, Brendan Timlin, ESL teacher in Czechia, recommends keeping parents informed of childrens’ progress and learning to foster positive relationships with students’ parents. Consistent and specific feedback allows parents to develop increased trust for the teaching and learning that is occurring in the classroom.

For more advice from Brendan, watch this video where he shares more tips:

4) Whatever it is you are passionate about, make sure that passion shines through in everything you do!

Linda Sees, high school history teacher from New Jersey, suggests infusing some excitement into whatever you are teaching! When students see how enthusiastic the teacher is about a topic, there is no other choice other than to get excited too! Linda lets her authentic passion of history guide her teaching by dressing up as historical figures, such as Marie Antoinette from the French Revolution!

For more advice from Linda, watch this video where she shares more tips:

5) Ask your students for help when you need it

Fifth grade teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana, Steve Auslander, recommends asking students for help and admitting vulnerability when trying something new in the classroom. By asking students for help, you’re able to build positive relationships with students, allowing you to connect with them on a deeper level while also providing you with the ability to take more risks.

For more advice from Steve, watch this video where he shares more tips:

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