Since it was announced in June 2020, Kahoot! Academy has grown into a global, multilingual knowledge platform and community of Verified educators, Premium partners and learners, all working together to make learning awesome!

And as of today, we are also making it possible for users to create their own community and social network, and share with others right inside of Kahoot!, with Kahoot! Academy Connect.

Kahoot! Academy Connect

Social networking and content sharing, empowering educators, parents and learners

Discovering high quality, ready-to-use learning content is a key priority for our users, whether they are looking for resources to use in the classroom, during a virtual class, to support their kids’ learning at home or to study independently.

With Kahoot! Academy Connect, Kahoot!’ers will be able to follow the profiles of Kahoot! Academy’s Verified educators and to join their communities. This will make it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with your favorite content creators on Kahoot! Academy, to get access to unique content and updates, and to share your feedback.

Share knowledge with millions globally

Verified educators on Kahoot! Academy will be able to build a community of their own, sharing their learning content and resources directly with fellow educators, parents and learners who join their community and follow their updates.

In addition, Verified educators will have the option to control who is able to follow their page, allowing them to create a community just for their students, parents or other groups of their choice, or to connect with a global audience.

Learn more about how you can become a Verified educator!

Kahoot! Academy Connect offers a new way for educators and content creators to share knowledge and learning resources with users worldwide, including more than 7.5 million teachers and hundreds of millions of students on the Kahoot! platform in the last year. Since launch, more than 100 million participating players have engaged with content on Kahoot! Academy, and we are only getting started! In the coming months, we will continue to add new functionality for sharing and connecting, and open up Kahoot! Academy Connect to more users, such as publishers.

Coming soon: follow and connect with your favorite Premium partners

Coming soon, users will be able to follow and connect with Kahoot! Academy Premium partners, directly inside of Kahoot! This will make it even easier to access unique learning content from the brands and publishers they love—such as Disney, National Geographic, Common Sense Education and more—as soon as it’s released.

For content partners, Kahoot! Academy Connect will enable them to connect with their audience directly on Kahoot! and to get valuable feedback from educators, parents and learners who enjoy their content and follow their profile.

For more information about becoming a content publisher or Premium partner, visit our Kahoot! Academy Publisher page.

Connecting to make learning awesome in a safe and uplifting community!

Our goal is to build a unique social network with Kahoot! Academy Connect. Starting with connecting the world’s amazing educators with learners and with each other, we aim to build a positive, collaborative community, with focus on sharing knowledge and resources, as well as connecting users with content tailored to their needs. This way, we can contribute to make high quality learning material accessible for all, independent of location, language or background.

Stay tuned for more details about Kahoot! Academy Connect, including additional features set to make communities even more interactive and fun!

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