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12 Aug 2021

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Discover the wonders of nature with World Wildlife Fund on Kahoot! Academy

Explore the importance of biodiversity and deepen science knowledge with this new collection of engaging kahoots from World Wildlife Fund’s Wild Classroom.

A lifelong love of nature begins with being curious about the world around us. Luckily, both learners and educators—including the 8 million educators and hundreds of millions of participating students on Kahoot! in the last year—are experts at staying curious, asking the big questions and stepping up to make a positive difference.

As part of our goal at Kahoot! to empower learners of all ages, we are committed to helping students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make the world a better place. This is why we are thrilled to be teaming up with World Wildlife Fund’s Wild Classroom to launch a brand-new collection of learning games on Kahoot! Academy. 

Play the first kahoot in the collection here:


World Wildlife Fund’s Wild Classroom connects educators and families with free, curriculum-aligned educational resources to guide their exploration of the natural world and our place within it. Through lessons, activities, videos and other materials, Wild Classroom inspires learners of all ages to deepen their understanding and appreciation for wildlife and wild spaces. Students can also access tools to help them take action and advocate for conservation in their own communities, while practicing collaboration, responsibility and problem solving.

In WWF’s new collection of kahoots, students will explore biodiversity in ecosystems around the world, as well as investigate why it’s important, where it’s at risk and how we can protect it. Educators and parents can spark engagement with fascinating animal facts, while students learn about simple actions we can take to safeguard biodiversity and a healthy environment.

 See the full collection from WWF on Kahoot! Academy here 

At Kahoot!, we believe that fostering a deeper understanding of the natural world is fundamental for learners of all ages. World Wildlife Fund has been a leading voice for conservation for many years, so we’re excited to be joining forces to make learning about our environment even more engaging for learners.

“We are thrilled to join Kahoot! Academy and connect with educators and students wanting to learn about our planet’s wildlife and wild places,” said Katy Fenn, Director, Wild Classroom at World Wildlife Fund. “It’s very important for us to find ways to teach children about our environment and develop a foundation of empathy and a connection with nature. Kahoot! Academy gives us the opportunity to create content that is fun and entertaining while keeping kids thinking and asking questions.”  

The kahoots in this collection are now available to play for free on Kahoot! Academy, a knowledge platform and online community, which allows educators and publishers to share and access content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences for learners of all ages, worldwide. 

Go wild and play these kahoots with your kids or students today on the World Wildlife Fund Kahoot! Academy Premium partner page.