Created in collaboration the award-winning math studio DragonBox, Kahoot! Math Labs is based on the very best features from the DragonBox team’s proven Nordic curriculum.


Used by top-performing Nordic schools

DragonBox’s math teaching methods have been tested and developed in collaboration with more than 60,000 teachers and students. Used in Finnish and Norwegian classrooms since 2018, the DragonBox math curriculum has quickly become one of the most popular in Nordic elementary schools.

Recent studies in Norway, done by the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research, and Education (NIFU)*, showed that using the DragonBox tools in classrooms led to:

Kahoot! Math labs

Using the DragonBox curriculum from 1st to 3rd grade, Nurmelan school in Finland raised their student’s math scores to the top of the country’s ranking**. Finland is amongst the top 10 countries with the world’s highest math scores, according to the most recent PISA report.

What is Kahoot! Math Labs?

Kahoot! Math Labs is a powerful and effective digital tool for teaching math to K-3 grade students, based on the very best features from the Nordic curriculum. You can use the Math Labs to create your own lessons or try more than 30 “ready to teach” lessons that don’t require any prep time. Simply access them on the Kahoot! platform here.

The method is based on three principles: storytelling, exploration, and math talks.

Through storytelling, the students get introduced to an immersive math universe and the characters that the kids will love. The blend of math and storytelling creates emotional engagement and motivation in students.


Explore math in a completely new way together with your students. Math Labs makes abstract concepts concrete by presenting them in a visual and interactive format, allowing the whole class to experiment together.


With Math Labs, it’s easy to promote good, inclusive math talks to engage students in collaborative learning. By explaining their thinking and discussing solutions, students will learn from one another. This common reasoning heightens their understanding of math and improves their problem-solving skills.

Test it in your classroom

Math Labs is available through Kahoot! Courses. Give one of the 30 “ready to teach” lessons a try in your next math lesson. All you need to do is hit that “play” button!


*Efficacy trials of DragonBox’s full curriculum with 1407 students at 16 schools in Norway, 2018-2021.
**Reported by the Finnish newspaper Kotiseudun Sanomat (May 11th, 2021).