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4 Nov 2021

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Social emotional learning collection from new Kahoot! Academy partner Microsoft

Social emotional learning has become one of the top priorities for educators and parents this year. To support students in building skills like self-awareness, self-management, decision-making and more, Microsoft and Kahoot! have teamed up to provide a new, ready-to-use collection for SEL learning in any environment.

After the uncertainties and stressors of the last year, mental health and emotional well-being have been top-of-mind. As students return to the classroom, whether virtual or in-person, we recognize they need extra support to feel safe processing and sharing their emotions. For both educators and parents, implementing social emotional learning into already packed academic and daily schedules, with added demands of remote and hybrid formats, is a challenging task. To support students, educators and families and enrich social emotional learning in the classroom and beyond, we are excited to announce that we’re partnering with Microsoft Education to launch a brand-new SEL collection on Kahoot! Academy.

With Microsoft’s Reflect incorporated into a collection of 8 ready-to-use social emotional learning kahoots, educators and parents can now help students develop the vocabulary and skills they need to express feelings, navigate stress, deal with change, develop empathy, manage anger, set goals, and more, all while having fun! The collection is available for free for all Kahoot! users on Kahoot! Academy, a global knowledge platform, online community and marketplace which allows anyone to access premium content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences. 

Reflect in Microsoft Teams is a free tool that provides an entrypoint for teaching the social and emotional skills that are vital to student success in and beyond the classroom. The program creates a space for students to grow their emotional vocabulary and learn to express their feelings and needs clearly, and it has been transformed into interactive kahoots that educators and parents can use anytime, anywhere. 


Managing Stress

Learn how identifying our emotions and building self-awareness can help us manage stress.


Anger Management

Explore ways to navigate anger and make good decisions even when we are feeling strong emotions.

“Microsoft Teams for Education is invested in building equitable learning environments that produce transformative student outcomes, and research shows that social and emotional learning can significantly improve outcomes over entire lifetimes,” said Elad Graiver, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Education. “Through our partnership with Kahoot!, we’re excited to introduce students to The Feelings Monster in Reflect. We hope these introductory activities help both students and educators feel comfortable and supported in sharing their emotions and building strong relationships.  Explicit teaching of SEL skills is core to student success, as is making learning fun! Kahoot! helps us do both.”

The Microsoft team worked with SEL experts to select 51 emotion words that students can identify with to help them build the vocabulary they need to express themselves clearly. The check-ins that make up Reflect are used to help students develop the language needed to talk about feelings, which is foundational to social emotional learning, as well as check in on relationships in the class, take a quick pulse on the class mood, and more.

Reflect check-ins are designed to fit into educators’ busy schedules. Students respond to a chosen question, helping build their emotional vocabulary and their relationship with the educator. Making emotional check-ins a part of a classroom routine can help students perform better, so Microsoft has also created professional development for educators to help teachers get an overview of Reflect in Microsoft Teams and learn how to use regular reflection as a launchpad for social emotional learning. 


Intro to SEL in the Classroom

Learn about the positive impact of Social and Emotional Learning in schools, and how you can leverage Reflect to make SEL fit in your already busy schedule.

Ready to incorporate social emotional learning wherever you are? Explore Microsoft’s collection of kahoots on Kahoot! Academy!