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19 Nov 2021

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Get ready for out of this world learning with Kahoot!

To the stars! We’re excited to announce that Kahoot! is launching a brand-new collaboration with NASA to bring STEM to life for students of all ages. With a new collection of free engaging resources on Kahoot! Academy, you will embark on a mission to explore the universe and make learning go supernova!

Curiosity is a core value at Kahoot!, because we know that it lights the spark of learning. As STEM knowledge becomes more important throughout education, careers and global citizenship, we’re over the moon to announce that we are collaborating with NASA to ignite curiosity and inspire engagement in science and beyond! 

Image credit: NASA

Together, Kahoot! is launching a collection of ready-to-use STEM kahoots for free for all users on Kahoot! Academy. This ready-to-play learning content will enable millions of explorers around the world to expand their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a new and exciting way. Get ready to combine the incredible discoveries and achievements in space with the Kahoot! experience to make learning awesome!

Play now on Kahoot! Academy:

By voyaging through these captivating space-themed kahoots, explorers gain a deeper understanding of the extraordinary research and innovation supported by NASA every day. Discover more about NASA’s historic missions to explore space, and test your knowledge of the many ways NASA’s work continues to touch our daily lives here on Earth. 

Explore the full collection on Kahoot! Academy

Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

More collections on space will be launched in the coming weeks on Kahoot! Academy, a knowledge platform, online community and marketplace which allows anyone to access premium content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

The collection was launched on the same day as a NASA STEM-A-THON event hosted by the agency’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland on November 18. At this all-day virtual event, participants will be invited to take part in a trivia game show on Kahoot!, in addition to enjoying live presentations, a career panel and other interactive STEM activities.

Image credit: NASA

At Kahoot!, we want to unlock the potential within all explorers by making learning awesome. Through these collections, all Kahoot! users can expand their knowledge of the universe and our place in it, all while having a blast competing for the top spot on the podium. We are excited to collaborate with NASA to bring cosmic-level STEM experiences to students and explorers of all ages everywhere.

Ready to take learning to the stars? Begin your mission today on the Kahoot! Academy!.