As an educator, there is no greater joy than watching your student’s faces light up while they are learning. When students attach emotional experiences to ideas they have learned, comprehension and retention becomes more memorable. Kahoot! is an incredible tool in enabling teachers to combine the process of ‘Joy Production’ and Learning. With Team Mode 2.0, students are re-energized in their collaboration, connection, and teamwork. Student autonomy is amplified as individuals work toward common teams, collaborative points, and a shared spot on the podium. Excitement builds as students can construct their own team rosters, moving students and players across teams, choosing student-generated team names, and reinforcing collaboration and brainstorming with team talk opportunities.

Team Mode has been instrumental in my classroom instruction and teaching pedagogy through both the shared, and 1:1 device dynamics. As you include Team Mode in your next kahoot, consider these pro-tips to get started:

Encourage collaboration with shared point totals
As students engage with personal devices, accumulated points are averaged from all team member responses and scores. In doing so, different players in different locations can collaborate as part of the same team, and all their responses will be counted towards the team’s points. Players can foster teamwork as they brainstorm, share, and respond toward a common goal – making it to the Podium!
Perfect for: Quiz bowls, large-group review sessions, and family game nights!

Bring together players from far and wide with personal devices
Logistics getting in the way of your game play? Team Mode with personal devices empowers play for both hybrid and online situations, as team members can play from remote locations, all the while working toward team initiative and outcomes. More players and students can now be welcomed and included in the events, and collaboration across different locations, time zones, and regions is celebrated! The new Team Mode option reinforces large-scale community, too.
Perfect for: Small-group work sessions, collaboration with pen-pals, celebrations during Distance Learning

Celebrate creativity and customization with team names
Customizable team management tools are available for student personalization and engagement, as students and hosts can rename team titles and manually move, switch, and change players between teams. Quickly and easily maintain responsive classroom instruction and management, shifting students across different groups to ensure appropriate skill levels, comprehension skills, or academic achievement. Celebrating a holiday or teaching a theme of the week? Include additional personalization with unique team names, perfect for building class community across players and students!
Perfect for: Classroom celebrations, pre-tests of classroom content, social skill games

Celebrate entire teams on the Podium
Whether your classroom is filled with desks in rows, tables clustered in small-groups, or even flexible seating around the classroom, Team Mode encourages group collaboration from the first question type to the Podium celebrations. As students work together and collectively select a response for each question, their points tally as team totals. By the end of the game, groups can celebrate together!
Perfect for: Classroom management, positive reinforcement, group rewards

“Turn on” Team Mode in your next kahoot, personalizing powerful play and shifting the onus of learning and knowledge acquisition to the hands of students and players. With unlimited opportunities for student-generated activity, personalized content and collaboration, engaging students in structured, supportive, and safe teamwork builds character in empathy, compassion, and collaboration – skills transferable far beyond classroom walls. 

Count off by even and odd numbers, randomly distribute, or even start rosters with team captains. No matter how you start the game, there’s always a spot for you on team Kahoot!. See you on the Podium!