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29 Nov 2021

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Spread love, laughter and learning with a kahoot for every day of the holiday season!

You might have heard the saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ but a kahoot a day can have some benefits too, especially during the holidays. Find your daily kahoot to play with students, friends, family or colleagues in this year’s holiday calendar from Kahoot! Academy!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re celebrating (and learning is always a reason to celebrate!), we’ve got you covered – with one kahoot for every day of the holiday season, created by the beloved community of Verified educators and Premium partners on Kahoot! Academy. Explore the entire Holiday season collection or read on to find your perfect daily kahoot!

Have a merry and bright start to this holiday season 

Find the kahoots you need for the start of the winter and holiday season, Hanukkah and more! 



    Animals in Winter

    When the cold winter comes, many animals’ bodies or behaviors change to adjust to the changing season. Use this quiz from Premium partner TIME for Kids to test students’ knowledge about animals in winter.


    Hanukkah ?

    Play this fun kahoot from Kahoot! Academy to see how much you know about Hanukkah! 

    These kahoots are best in snow

    Play these kahoots for Computer Science Education Week, Saint Nicholas Day, Human Rights Day and more!


    Saint Nicholas Day

    The Feast of Saint Nicholas (Saint Nicholas Day) is celebrated around the world. But do you know the history behind this legendary figure? Test your knowledge on the facts behind the legend with Verified educator Miss Sees!


    Winter Words

    Chill out and test your vocabulary with these wonderfully wintery words from Premium partner Merriam-Webster!

    Share these presents with family, friends or colleagues 

    From the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Santa Lucia, find a kahoot for every day of this week!


          Lucia (Saint Lucy's Day) traditions

          Learn more about Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy’s Day), a tradition celebrated on December 13 in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and several other countries in this kahoot from Kahoot! Academy!

          Sleigh the holidays with these kahoots 

          There’s lots to celebrate and learn this winter season, such as traditions from around the world!


                          Winter Joy

                          This kahoot from Premium partner Empatico helps children ages 6+ learn how they can spread joy this winter through kind actions, big or small! 


                          Would You Rather

                          Play this student-compiled kahoot with a list of holiday would you rather questions from Verified educator Mrs. Fasulo.



                          Learn some amazing facts about Christmas with Verified educator Mohammed Abo Hassan. 

                          Yule be sorry if you don’t try one

                          Check out kahoots about celebrations like Yule, Christmas and more!


                            Scientific Facts About Christmas!

                            This Christmas kahoot from Kahoot! Academy looks at scientific holiday facts about inventors, lights, reindeer, cards and the physics behind Santa’s delivery of presents!

                            Snow much fun this holiday season

                            December is coming to a close, but the fun doesn’t have to with kahoots about Kwanzaa and more!



                                    Recognize some amazing facts about Kwanzaa with Verified educator Mohammed Abo Hassan. 


                                    New Year, New Habits

                                    Find out why habits are hard to change and tricks to create new money habits for the new year with Premium partner NGPF.

                                    Now the (snow)ball’s in your court to add some fun and learning to your winter and holiday season!

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