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14 Dec 2021

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Build skills for a data-driven world with the U.S. Census Bureau on Kahoot! Academy

Statistical literacy for kids — bring learning to life with real-world statistics when you explore this brand-new collection of compelling kahoots from the U.S. Census Bureau, available now on Kahoot! Academy.

At Kahoot!, we believe that learning begins with curiosity. When learners want to better understand the world around them and have the resources and skills they need to explore, nothing can stop them! This is why we’re so excited to share that Kahoot! is partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools program to inspire learners to get curious, ask questions and expand their knowledge of American society with the power of data!

The U.S. Census Bureau is the leading source of data about the people, places and economy of the United States. Together, Kahoot! and the Census Bureau are introducing a new collection of ready-to-use kahoots designed to help students practice their data analysis skills and build a deeper understanding of both the Census Bureau and the data it collects. 

Through playing the kahoots in this collection, learners can discover how the census works, why it’s important and what its latest findings show about how communities across the U.S. are changing and evolving. 

Play this kahoot from the U.S. Census Bureau’s collection on Kahoot! Academy:

Statistics in Schools (SIS) is a program of the Census Bureau that uses statistics from the census to create educational materials that bring data to life for K-12 students. Developed with teachers and subject matter experts across the U.S., their learning content strengthens students’ statistical literacy, as well as enriching learning in a range of subjects with the application of real-world data.

Explore the U.S. Census Bureau’s full collection on Kahoot! Academy 

“One of the goals of the SIS program is to help students understand the importance of the Census Bureau and the data it collects,” says Victoria Glasier, Chief of the Statistics in Schools program. We love being able to showcase census data in cool ways, and our new partnership with Kahoot! allows us to do that with our educational data-driven games that help increase statistical literacy in K-12 students.”

When learners have the skills to analyze statistical data, it opens up a world of knowledge on countless topics. Our world is becoming increasingly data-driven, making these skills more important than ever. With this collection of kahoots, students can practice these key future-ready skills and learn more about the people, places and economy of the U.S., all while having a blast playing Kahoot!. 

The U.S. Census Bureau’s collection of kahoots is available now for free for all users on Kahoot! Academy. Our knowledge platform, online community and marketplace allows anyone to access premium content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences. 

Dive into the data and expand your statistical knowledge today on the U.S. Census Bureau’s Kahoot! Academy Premium partner page.