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20 Jan 2022

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Celebrate Black History Month with Kahoot! Academy

In honor of Black History Month, celebrate Black heroes and trailblazers, learn about Black history, educate about inclusion and more. Find ready-to-use kahoots for you, your family or your class to help commemorate Black culture and achievements!

Add a kahoot to your celebration of Black History Month with a special collection from Kahoot! Academy Verified creators and partners. Explore the entire Black History Month collection or choose one from the recommendations below.

Honor phenomenal Black women who’ve made history

Did you know Simone Biles has the most medals of any American gymnast and Mae Jemison was the first Black woman to travel into space? Learn about the remarkable achievements of extraordinary Black women in this kahoot from Kahoot! Academy partner Rebel Girls.

Learn about Black History Month

Interesting fact: Black History Month became a month-long celebration in 1976. Find out more facts about this significant month in this kahoot from Verified creator Miss Jazmyn.

Explore what makes up your identity 

How would you or others describe you? Explore the different parts of your identity that make you who you are with this kahoot from Kahoot! Academy partner Empatico



What is Identity?

This kahoot from Kahoot! Academy partner Empatico explores the different parts of our identity that make us who we are. 

Educate about implicit bias and inclusion

Educate yourself and others on what implicit bias is, why it matters, what it means to be inclusive and how to embrace diversity in this kahoot from Kahoot! Academy partner Ad Council

Learn about racism and racial discrimination

How can education help to combat and prevent racism? Learn about the many forms racism can take and learn what you can do to fight racism in this kahoot from Kahoot! Academy partner United Nations

Strengthen your knowledge of Black history

Test your knowledge of Black history, like important events, facts, influential figures and more, with Kahoot!’s new all-access pass to premium content, Kahoot!+ AccessPass.


Join the UN to Fight Racism!

Test your knowledge with Kahoot! Academy partner United Nations to learn about the many forms racism can take and what you can do to fight racism so we can all enjoy our human rights.

AccessPass_Black History Month

The Civil Rights Movement

A premium U.S. History kahoot, included in the subscription Kahoot!+ AccessPass, designed to test your knowledge on the Civil Rights Movement.

We hope these kahoots and collections will support you in honoring and recognizing the significant role of Black communities in shaping our history and present day.

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