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21 Mar 2022

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Learn fire safety with Sparky the Fire Dog® on Kahoot! Academy

Stay fire smart! Discover how you can help keep you and your family safe from fires by exploring the National Fire Protection Association’s brand new collection of captivating kahoots, available to play now for free on Kahoot! Academy.

Fire safety can be a daunting topic, especially for young learners. But with the help of Sparky the Fire Dog®, the friendly mascot and official spokesdog of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), anyone can learn how to make a difference in keeping their home safe and fire free!

In honor of Sparky’s 71st birthday, we’re teaming up with the NFPA to launch a new collection of kahoots that introduce learners to the essential steps of practicing fire safety in an engaging and interactive way!

The NFPA is the leading information and knowledge resource on fire, electrical and related hazards in the U.S., offering educational programs and tools for learners of all ages. Since 1951, Sparky the Fire Dog® has been on a mission to help teach kids and their families life-saving lessons about preventing fires at home, providing a learning environment for kids to explore, as well as resources for educators. Now, this famous dalmatian is bringing his dogged determination to Kahoot!.

With the NFPA’s new collection on Kahoot! Academy, you and your family or students can learn about creating a home fire escape plan, how a smoke detector can help keep us safe and what simple steps we can all take at home to prevent fires from starting. Playing these kahoots can help spark engagement during a fire safety unit in the classroom, or as preparation or review before or after a fire drill.

Ready to get started learning important tips for staying fire safe? Put your knowledge to the test by playing this kahoot from the NFPA’s collection on Kahoot! Academy: 

“Home fire safety is a critical element of personal injury prevention,” says April Hart, Program Specialist, NFPA Public Education Division. “Home fires burn hotter and faster than 50 years ago, but there are ways kids and their families can prevent fire and burns, by acquiring the knowledge and skills to stay safe through these engaging kahoots. Sparky the Fire Dog® is proud to team up with Kahoot! to teach about fire safety in a fun and interactive way!”

You can now discover and play the NFPA’s full collection of kahoots for free on Kahoot! Academy, our global community and knowledge platform for all creators, learners and learning providers.

We can all do our part to make the world a safer place by learning how to prevent and respond to fires. Explore the NFPA’s Kahoot! Academy partner page today to make learning fire safety awesome!