Kahoot! game modes bring the awesome learning platform to a new level. As a Kahoot! Ambassador and Beta Tester, Steve Sherman has been trialing the new game mode versions with students both online and in-person! Read on to hear how he’s making learning even more awesome with Color Kingdom, Treasure Trove, and Submarine Squad.

As I introduced the new game mode version and Kahoot! format, the energy and excitement levels of my students was palpable and intense! The fast-paced and quick format of game modes – both throughout the levels and the entire gameplay experience (averaging around 3-minutes per game) kept classroom collaboration intense, fun-spirited, and engaged. 

Strategy and skill acquisition engaged

First up: Color Kingdom with my virtual students via the Zoom and Kahoot! integration. With microphones and videos enabled and Breakout Rooms engaged, I eavesdropped on back-and-forth strategy conversations, quick remarks of encouragement…and eventually students’ screaming, after some players realized the strategy of covering an opponent’s territory and reducing their kingdom coverage on the screen.
A student’s perspective: Color Kingdom capitalizes on teamwork and collaboration, and working alongside peers for a common strategy is fun and fulfilling. An extra bonus: celebrating with your team after a kingdom is conquered!

Compounding competition with content makes for powerful play

After a bit of corralling and calming, we followed up with an introduction to Treasure Trove. Engagement remained stellar and supreme, as students experienced the urgency and autonomy of their learning and success – both tapping gems to add to their troves, while also dodging the dangerous bones and skulls, both adding compounded excitement to the game.  In this player versus player format, students loved to see how their efforts placed them against their peers.  

A student’s perspective: Treasure Trove makes for a quick-paced and action-packed learning experience. The gem “meters” are an obvious measure of growth making progress-monitoring easy and accessible.

Collaboration at the core

The team- and community-driven aspects of Color Kingdom promotes active learning and active collaboration. As I facilitated several Color Kingdom sessions within the classroom, neighboring teachers interrupted gameplay, asking my class to “lower the volume”. Without hesitation, students were high-fiving every time they colored tiles from the opposing team. By the end of gameplay, students were physically running across the classroom, moving about their opponents, expressing delight at removing their points, tallies, and colors from the map.  Expressions quickly flipped to utter despair and injustice as the lesson bell rang out, signaling an abrupt end to the game – “How dare I cut the game at such an exciting point?”  Students pleaded and begged to continue..a few even offered me some of their school lunch snacks in return for continued play!  Though tempted, I took the high road and got to my next lesson on time. 

A teacher’s reflection

What fascinated me most from Kahoot!’s new game modes? After the two sessions and a quick review of the game reports, my students correctly answered every question. Important to note, I chose content that was new and never-before taught, material my students were unlikely to know. All the while, students and players retained and recalled new concepts and information with accuracy. they were able to recall all of the answers accurately!  The opportunity for students to be presented with new material, and then absorb content in a brief period and exposure? Kahoot! game modes are a game changer and teacher transformer…literally!

Interested in bringing game modes to your own classroom instruction? Game mode variations are available on Kahoot! and free for a limited time! Login to the Kahoot! creator to access new gameplay options.