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6 Oct 2022

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New on Kahoot! Academy: build future-ready skills and knowledge with Da Vinci!

Learn about key 21st century topics like internet safety and sustainability with critically-acclaimed entertaining educational content in this new collection of inspiring and thought-provoking kahoots from Da Vinci.

Combining educational videos with interactive activities can open the door to a world of learning, inviting kids to follow their curiosity, explore and create. Quality shared screen time, where we actively engage with the content together, can also be a powerful way for families to connect and encourage learning at home, sparking creativity and critical thinking.

To support educators, parents and students in bringing learning to life with the power of entertaining and interactive educational content, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Da Vinci and the launch of their brand-new collection of kahoots!

Da Vinci inspires millions of kids and families worldwide with award-winning educational TV shows, documentaries and interactive activities, with the mission to create a smarter and kinder world. Through these educational shows and interactive activities, kids and families explore STEM, social-emotional skills, critical thinking and creativity.  

Now, we’re combining the inspiring educational content from Da Vinci with the one-of-a-kind engagement of Kahoot! to create experiences that supercharge learning future-ready skills and knowledge. In this first collection, students can test what they know and learn something new about internet safety with kahoots based on Da Vinci’s BAFTA Award-nominated series Search It Up!. Learn tips and insights for navigating a digital world, including misinformation, protecting your privacy online and creating positive screen time habits.


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Test your internet safety knowledge in this engaging kahoot from Da Vinci!

Learners can also discover another key topic for 21st century learning: sustainability. With kahoots inspired by the series Go Green with the Grimwades, learners of all ages can explore what sustainability means, why it’s important to the health of our environment and how we can all take action at home and in our communities to take care of our planet. 

“Educational entertainment plays a major role in shaping the minds of our little humans and the grown-ups in their lives,” said Estelle Lloyd, Co-founder and COO at Da Vinci’s parent company, Macademia. “With Kahoot!, we’ve found the ideal partner that believes just as strongly as we do that educational experiences need to be engaging and interactive to have the most impact. We’re excited to grow our partnership and bring interactive learning experiences to an even wider audience around the world.” 

Ready to make future-ready learning awesome? Play these kahoots today on the Da Vinci partner page on Kahoot! Academy!