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20 Jan 2023

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Teacher Takeover: Chill Art game mode brings a new level of zen to classroom curriculum

Inspire creativity through any curriculum with our newest game mode, Chill Art! Learn top tips and tricks from Kahoot! Ambassadors to make learning awesome, while preserving the peace and calm of focused learning.

Chill Art game mode illustration

Classroom content and curriculum, combined with artistry and collaboration, are all integral aspects of Kahoot!’s newest game mode, Chill Art. In this game-based Kahoot! player mode, students paint-by-number for each correctly answered question, while calming music plays from both the lobby and personal devices. Judith Cooper, a Kahoot! Ambassador and classroom leader in Manitoba, CN shares how Chill Art levels up learning and engagement in her elementary school classroom. Read on for tips to inspire creativity and comprehension.

From introduction to assessment

The repetitive format within Chill Art ensures student learning is cumulative, as questions are presented, and then re-presented, throughout several sequences and across differing orders and chronology. Without any opportunity or case for memorization, students receive multiple opportunities to engage with the same (or similar) curriculum content! The instant feedback embedded into kahoot gameplay also ensures that students are learning new information accurately and correctly! Even without the nod or head shake from a teacher or peer, students can steer their learning to be error-free! Gold stars and gold medals for Kahoot! game modes!

Across all curriculum

Ms. Cooper’s go-to curriculum focus for Chill Art game modes? Mathematics. Students work at their own pace from a mixed and randomized collection of questions, allowing students to explore different ways of work, problem-solving, or formulas along the way! Chill Art gameplay comes in handy for language and literacy learning, too. Ms. Cooper will create kahoots to review and reinforce vocabulary words, and the repeated practice really helps students to cement difficult spelling patterns or complex and complicated definitions.

Student playing Kahoot! in Chill Art game mode.

Build fluency from frequency

Chill Art game durations are customizable and predetermined by the game host, selected from a range of two to six minutes of gameplay. Throughout the game, question pace is differentiated, and is individualized from student to student. Players appreciate the student-centered, and student-specific format, too! Ms. Cooper explained that her students don’t feel any stressors for speed or competition throughout gameplay. Instead, a student reflected, “I don’t feel as though time is a factor!”, assuring ample time for both brainstorming and rationalized answers.

“I really like that each player gets their own random question created from the kahoot. It becomes an individualized game for each student, rather than everyone answering the same question at the same time.”

Judith Cooper

Empower a peaceful mindset

The variety of game modes available on Kahoot! has helped Ms. Cooper to facilitate a higher level of engagement, retention, and interest for classroom curriculum. Each game mode has presented a different cadence and format for learning, with mission-oriented and arcade-style gaming as camouflage to classroom content! Chill Art, specifically, is a great tool for easing into the day, or even winding down from a rigorous lesson plan. Ms. Cooper shares, “The teamwork used in Chill Art is truly a wonder to see and experience! [I’m seeing] complete engagement from each student, and growth in learning, comprehension, and confidence in the classroom!” Students and players enjoy the chill aura, too! The calm music eases nerves or anxieties associated with difficult or complex curriculum topics, and students can tackle tricky information with a refreshed mindset and approach.

Students playing Kahoot! in Chill Art game mode.

Inspire learning beyond the quiz

Ms. Cooper isn’t an art-history teacher, nor a famed artist, for that matter! Even so, her students have heightened interests in a variety of art formats, all from a quick click-through on Chill Art! As students are prompted to select an acclaimed painting to begin gameplay, students have grown interested in the stories, history, and contexts of these paintings, inspiring new research projects and theories outside of the anticipated classroom curriculum! Students in Ms. Cooper’s classroom have begun their own research projects for Hokusai, an artist featured within gameplay! 


Include Chill Art gameplay in your own classroom lessons! Chill Art, along with other collaborative Kahoot! game modes, all available with a Kahoot!+ Max subscription! Already a Kahoot!+ Max subscriber? Try Chill Art using a kahoot from our collection of top picks!