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2 Mar 2023

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Discover inspiring innovators through history with The Henry Ford on Kahoot!

Explore American innovations that changed the world with this brand-new collection of captivating kahoots from The Henry Ford, now on Kahoot! Academy

If you want to make history, one of the most powerful things you can do is innovate! Innovators—and their visionary ideas and creations—have shaped our lives in profound ways, from enabling us to travel and communicate, to solving everyday problems at home, and even giving us new ways to play! 

To help you bring history and creativity to life for your students, we’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with The Henry Ford, which houses the most comprehensive collection of historical artifacts anywhere focused on the sweep of innovation, ingenuity and resourcefulness in America. 

Their brand-new collection of kahoots, now available for free on Kahoot! Academy, makes it easy to spark curiosity and inspire your students—and learners of all ages. Discover the stories of ingenious creators throughout U.S. history, explore the origins of world-changing innovations, and learn about what it takes to be an inventor!


What makes an innovator tick?

In The Henry Ford’s Kahoot! course Model i: Habits of an Innovator, meet creative thinkers from our past and present and learn about key elements of an innovative mindset, including empathy, creative risk-taking, learning from failure, and more!

Innovations that made history

Interact with exhibits and artifacts from the collections of The Henry Ford in the Stories from The Henry Ford Kahoot! course! Learn how world-changing innovations came to be, from planes and trains to video games and beyond, as well as social transformation for a brighter, more just future. And the rest was history!

From Kahoot! super learners to inventors!

Inspire your students to be problem solving pioneers with The Henry Ford’s Kahoot! course Becoming an Inventor. Play these kahoots to learn the key steps to inventing something new, from identifying the problem you want to solve to envisioning a solution and bringing it into the world!

“Our vision at The Henry Ford is to inspire every individual to innovate, create and invent, and to help reduce the innovation gaps between communities,” said Lucie Howell, Chief Learning Officer at The Henry Ford. “By partnering with Kahoot!, we can share the stories from our collection of over 26 million artifacts, representing centuries of American innovation, beyond the walls of the museum into classrooms reaching educators and learners where they are.  We’re excited to work with Kahoot! to share these stories worldwide.”

Explore the full collection from The Henry Ford today on Kahoot! Academy, and get ready to bring “Eureka!” moments to learning.

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