Discover new ways to create gamified learning experiences for your students this review season!

Spring is right around the corner which means review season and final tests are coming up quickly! But how do you make sure that your review sessions are truly engaging when capturing and holding students’ attention is becoming more and more difficult? At this year’s Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup, we’ll be exploring what’s new at Kahoot! with demos of our latest features and new student-led game modes! 

Join the Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup to create gamified learning experiences for your students this review season!

Join us on March 22nd from 12pm to 3pm PT to discover new ways to create gamified learning experiences and take your review sessions from repetitive to interactive!

Don’t miss out on this amazing line-up of speakers and sessions:

  • What’s new at Kahoot!, presented by Sean D’arcy, VP of Kahoot! at School
    Join our team on a tour of all things Kahoot! to learn more about all of our latest features, including exciting new offerings, student passes, and new question types like drop pin and slider. This session is for new and experienced Kahoot!’ers alike to find out how you can get more from Kahoot! in your classroom!
  • Game modes deep dive, presented by Padraic Woods, Director of Product, and Louisa Rosenheck, Director of Pedagogy
    Explore the pedagogy built into all of our student-led game modes and try our newest game mode, Tallest Tower, in its first-ever live demo! We’ll be joined by Kahoot! Ambassador, Steve Sherman who will lead what we hope will be the largest game of Tallest Tower since its launch!
  • Understanding Neurodiversity, presented by Louisa Rosenheck, Director of Pedagogy
    Discover how learning through play creates more inclusive experiences and allows neurodivergent students to engage in and demonstrate learning in their own unique ways. We’ll hear from some of our partner organizations, including the LEGO Foundation, and discuss what neurodiversity means and how we’re collaborating to create resources that can raise awareness about inclusion.
  • Inspiring learners of all ages and backgrounds with Kahoot! game modes, presented by Charles Rogers, Teacher, Osaka University of Education
    Whether you’re supporting elementary students or high school learners, Ambassador Charles Rodgers has tools & resources to aid in Kahoot! planning fit for any classroom or dynamic. In this workshop session, Charles will share best practices for embedding and implementing new student-led game experiences within classroom content.
  • The long-lasting impact of a classroom Kahoot!, presented by Holly Prine, First Grade teacher, Lockhart ISD
    Kahoot! is more than just a classroom tool for first-grade teacher, Holly Prine. Join us as Holly shares how Kahoot!’ing has helped her students to make long-lasting connections, both in and outside of classroom experiences!

Register now for a chance to win awesome swag and stay tuned on our event page for more updates on all the speakers and sessions that we have planned to help you level up your Kahoot! game!