In everything we do at Kahoot!, we’re guided and driven by our mission to make learning awesome. But what does that really mean, to make learning awesome, and what is the impact for educators and students?

With over 8 million educators using Kahoot! in the last 12 months, as well as hundreds of millions of student participants, one of the most important ways we foster more impactful learning is by offering solutions and experiences that are grounded in powerful pedagogy and learning science. Multiple studies have shown Kahoot!’s positive impact on the entire learning experience, from classroom atmosphere and student engagement to test scores and learning outcomes. 

In this recent study in Applied Sciences, researchers from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Extremadura, Spain, explored how implementing gamification and game-based learning technologies into one’s teaching practice can help educators build digital competencies and optimize their students’ learning, citing Kahoot! as a solution included in the study due to its popularity and rating.

Interestingly, this study not only highlights gamification and game-based learning as an effective approach for teaching content and helping students build or practice skills. It also shows how they can support educators with growing their own skills and comfort with technology, as they enable educators to bring more creativity and innovation to their teaching.

This study also points to another stand-out feature of gamification and game-based learning: adaptability. As the researchers illustrate, playful learning technologies can enable educators to create unique and interactive learning experiences that are adapted to the learners’ level and needs. Likewise, these solutions can help teachers check their students’ understanding, identify knowledge gaps, and provide additional instruction or practice.

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