Introducing premium Kahoot! game packs

Get ready to take your Kahoot! game experiences to a whole new level of excitement and engagement! Today, we are thrilled to announce our new premium game packs, designed to elevate the fun and learning potential of your classroom content! Make learning memorable with upgradable game packs, including customizable characters, themes, content, rewards, and more coming this summer!

Launch into it today and achieve learning lift-off with exclusive offers on Kahoot!+ plans, starting from $3.99/month for a limited time!

Student engagement is job number 1!

This school year over 1.2 billion students have played Kahoot! all over the world! With the launch of our student-led game experiences and customizable characters, teachers have been creating interactive learning content that their students are really engaging with! As teachers report student engagement as the biggest hurdle in their profession, we have continued to meet the challenge with exciting new ways of playing and learning with Kahoot! that capture students’ attention and keep them interested. These new game packs are no exception!

Enhancing gamified learning experiences

Our premium game packs create immersive environments for your lesson content around a central theme! Beginning with an early release of our space-themed game pack this summer, students can play their favorite game experiences like Tallest Tower, Treasure Trove, and even the classic game mode… in space!!! Complete with new characters and accessories like planets, aliens, spaceships, astronaut helmets, and more out-of-this-world fun! Each theme comes with exclusive content, music, power-ups, and even unique rewards like collectible badges! 

Our new space pack is the first of many awesome new theme packs coming to Kahoot! in time for back-to-school! Try it out today and get early access to all new theme packs coming soon with our exclusive offers on Kahoot!+ plans, starting from $3.99/month!

Keep an eye out for more awesome new game experiences and reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to share any ideas you or your students might have for new theme packs!