The summer should be about play, rest, sun bathing, and spending time with family and friends! But amidst all the fun, keep in mind that the average student loses 17–34% of the prior year’s learning gains during summer break. 

So here are five tips to help your child consolidate their learning from the past year so that they can slide into the new school year with confidence:

  1. Encourage reading: Make reading a daily habit by providing access to age-appropriate books and encouraging your children to read for pleasure. Visit the library together, set reading goals, and discuss books as a family. For kids that are still learning to read, I recommend checking out Poio, a part of the Kahoot! Kids universe. The immersive game is designed so that children learn through their own exploration, triggering their curiosity and motivation to practice without the need for support. It adapts to each child’s level of skill, so that all children can enjoy learning how to read. 
  2. Family learning activities: Plan educational outings or family projects that involve learning. Visit museums, science centers, or historical sites to spark curiosity and encourage exploration. Engaging in hands-on activities like gardening, cooking, or building can also provide valuable learning experiences.
  3. Create a learning environment: Designate a dedicated space at home for studying or engaging in educational activities. Ensure it is well-equipped with materials like books, art supplies, and educational games. A conducive learning environment can help foster a sense of routine and make learning more enjoyable.
  4. Don’t forget math: Research shows that learning loss is even greater for math than reading, so find ways to maintain or even develop your kids’ math skills. With Dragonbox you can introduce the youngest kids to math with intuitive math games to build solid foundations on numbers, additions, subtractions, and algebra, while the older children can gain confidence and build a greater understanding of advanced math topics and concepts. 
  5. Lead by example: Show enthusiasm for learning yourself! Share your own reading materials, engage in discussions about current events and places you might visit, and demonstrate a love for lifelong learning. Enthusiasm can be contagious, so why not host a game show for the whole family? In the Kahoot! app you can choose from 100+ million ready-to-play kahoots or create your own quiz about the family. It’s fun for everyone! 

This summer it’s time to unleash kids’ learning power through play – at the playground, the beach, or at home!  

We have gathered 10 award-winning learning apps and quiz games for kids on the Kahoot! Kids app to ensure meaningful screen time and boost learning and confidence. And for the older kids, our popular Chill art mode is now available in a Solo version! Check them out this summer.