An out-of-this-world gamified learning experience!

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Kahoot! space pack, introducing new game experiences, characters, music, and more! Try our brand new game experience, Cosmic Conquest, or play a classic Kahoot! with unique space-inspired lobby music and characters!

Launch into it today and achieve learning lift-off through the summer and into back-to-school with 25% off Kahoot!+ Premier, now $5.99/month for a limited time!



Test flight: ISTE 2023 

A lucky group of students and teachers had the opportunity to be the first to try out our new space-themed game pack with the new game experience, Cosmic Conquest, right at our booth at ISTE 2023. Hosted by Kahoot! ambassador, Steve Sherman, it’s safe to say that everyone had an absolute blast and is excited to start adventuring in space from their classrooms this summer and in the next school year! Check out their reactions in the video below!


More awesome game packs coming soon!

Our new space pack is the first of many awesome new theme packs coming to Kahoot! in time for back-to-school! Try it out today and get early access to all new theme packs coming soon with 25% off Kahoot!+ Premier, now $5.99/month for a limited time!

Keep an eye out for more awesome new game experiences and reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to share any ideas you or your students might have for new theme packs!