In a recent feature, Education Week – the leading resource for K-12 education news and information, did an assessment of Kahoot! and whether the platform is an effective tool for learning. 

“I think part of the reason Kahoot! and other quizzing tools are so popular is because it breaks up instruction and really can engage kids in a way that some of the more traditional teaching methods may not”, said Christine Elgersma, the senior editor for learning content at Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that examines the impact of technology on children, in the article, adding: “There’s a use case for Kahoot! and, for what it does, it definitely serves a purpose in the classroom that teachers appreciate”, 

And I am proud to say that Elgersma’s statement is thoroughly backed by research, dating all the way back to our launch 10 years ago. 

Research-backed learning for all

Recently we at Kahoot! revisited and curated research highlighting the teaching and learning benefits of Kahoot!, including over 100 academic studies showing how Kahoot! boosts engagement, active participation, and motivation in learning. Everyone interested in research-backed learning should check it out

In addition, LearnPlatform recently validated that Kahoot! meets the standards of evidence in the Every Student Succeeds Acts (ESSA) in the US aligning with level IV.

Innovation for even deeper learning

Through our long-lasting commitment to innovation Kahoot! continues to boost engagement and learning outcomes. 

In the last year alone, we’ve incorporated lots of new features into our product, like the popular new game modes Chill Art, Submarine Squad and Tallest Tower. With powerful pedagogy in mind, the game mode functions empower student-centered and student-driven learning through carefully curated arcade-like experiences! Our solo modes, on the other hand, empower students to learn on their own, taking the time they need.

The platform itself is now localized into 18 languages so students without full command of English can switch to their native language. On assessment, we have also evolved considerably in recent years, as we know that over half of our logged in students are using Kahoot! to study and create their own kahoots demonstrating and sharing what they are learning, not just recalling facts. And don’t forget the Brainstorm function, encouraging creative ideation for all! 

Read more about what’s new at Kahoot! for back-to-school with new AI-enhanced classroom tools, interactive lessons, and the next level of gamified learning!