Classrooms around the world all look different – whether differentiated by grade level and age, curriculum area, and subject matter, or even by the classroom decor and theming across the walks. In each and every classroom and student community, though, you’ll find a teacher motivated to inspire, support, and empower their students to stay curious, playful, and inclusive in their learning and exploration. The one-stop-shop tool to make this happen? Kahoot!…at least we think so, and educators around the world do, too!

Across the days, weeks, and months – that turned into entire school quarters and calendar semesters, we’ve supported and celebrated educators making learning awesome, powered by a combination of both expertise and Kahoot! tools. Let’s reflect on some of the moments and memories that helped to make learning awesome this year.

Teachers in Nashville gather for the sixth annual EdCamp Nash unconference

EdCamp is a teacher-driven day of discussion, often called an “unconference.” The day-long event offers K-12 educators a time and place to dig into the issues that matter most, with technology and tech-inspired learning tools at the epicenter! Virginia Henry of Cameron Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee shared and celebrated Kahoot! tools to help empower educators to trial new technology, explore online learning tools, and better support students in STEAM-focused learning.


Kahoot!’ers across Texas made it to the Podium at TCEA

The K!rew partnered with Kahoot! Ambassador, Aspen Davis (Technology Specialist at HISD) at the TCEA conference in San Antonio, Texas! K-12 staff and university admin fluttered through the Kahoot! booth to demo the launch of Submarine Squad, new to Kahoot! in 2022! With new characters debuting in the Kahoot! lobby, and customized theming for the game mode backgrounds, educators enjoyed the fun and vibrant gameplay during this week-long event!

Educators engaging in a live kahoot at an expo hall booth

Thousands of educators and university leaders connect at BETT UK in London

The K!rew welcomed educators, teachers, students, and edtech developers to the Kahoot! booth at BETT UK 2023! Throughout the week-long event, thousands of Kahoot!’ers came through the booth to participate in live Kahoot! games, demo the latest Kahoot! game modes, and experiment with up-and-coming creator tools.

Educators engaging in a live kahoot at an expo hall booth

Kahoot! tools power up the Summer Technology Institute in Maine

Teachers working together and collaborating on a computer

Nicole Lesperance, District Technology Training Coordinator, helped to organize the first-annual Summer Technology Institute for the teachers of Mt. Blue Regional School District! During this two-day conference, teachers and educators collaborated for hands-on learning of new technology tools, STEAM resources, and online learning platforms. Kahoot! helped to celebrate teachers across all K-12 grades with free swag and prizes for participating and discovering awesome learning throughout the event.





Teachers and students in Medellin, Colombia celebrate the Jewish New Year with Kahoot!

Kahoot! Ambassador and elementary educator, Freddy Montiel in Medellin, Colombia helped his students and community celebrate the new year at Theodoro Hertzl School. Hundreds of students gathered in the school gymnasium while hundreds of other community members, parents, and families joined the live Kahoot! game to learn the history of the holiday and traditional customs and celebrations.

A screenshot from a virtual kahoot event, capturing hundreds of students playing in a school multipurpose room

Inspiring educators across Canada tune in for a day of virtual learning

Veteran Kahoot!’er and long time Kahoot! Ambassador, Glenn Cake, of Newfoundland and Labrador in northeastern Canada has hosted over thirty live Kahoot!’ing events just this year, alone! On a regular basis, Glenn coordinates with school administrators around Canada to host live workshops, sharing personal insights and best practices for creating, hosting and reviewing classroom lessons via Kahoot! tools. Lately, Glenn has been sharing a Kahoot! 101 course, detailing the necessary tools, features, and functions in getting acclimated to the Kahoot! platform. Glenn is just one of many educators that help to host, facilitate, and evangelize awesome learning that’s made possible by Kahoot! Tools.

Technology specialists in Miami, FL use Kahoot! to reach hundreds of educators during a district wide literacy event

Zenaida Ulloa and Lisa Schwartz each support hundreds of students (and their teachers!) in fostering and developing technology literacy skills – across all curriculum areas and subject matters – in their roles as Curriculum Support Specialists for Miami Dade County Public Schools. This October, Zeny and Lisa helped to coordinate and host the inaugural Elevate Literacy event. With aims to standardize the county’s plan for literacy education, teachers from around the MDCPS connected and collaborated to review their school’s curriculum improvement plan, approaches to effective literacy-oriented instruction, and student-first planning and lesson differentiation. Kahoot! helped to introduce new concepts and aims to the teachers, establish norms for the event, and review event goals during the concluding keynotes.

Teachers gathering to play a live kahoot at a conference

Kahoot!’ing students break player records during the annual Kahoot! cup

Back for the seventh annual event, the Kahoot! Cup was hosted and celebrated this November. Kahoot! Ambassador, Steve Auslander, organized the first-annual Kahoot! cup in 2017, streaming live from his classroom in Allisonville, Indiana. With hopes to bridge connections and relationships between students around the world, he partnered with a global group of classroom teachers to inspire community and connection! Steve created a series of pop-culture based kahoots, including content, themes, news, and events relevant to audiences, everywhere – the World Cup, trending music, movie plot lines, just to name a few. In the years since the inaugural event, Steve has since hosted seven separate Kahoot! Cup events, each bringing together more teachers, students, nationalities, and cultures! In the latest event, the Kahoot! Cup linked over 5,000 students across 63 countries. Steve’s inspired celebrations and relationships across the world. Kahoot! is more than just a quizzing tool or assessment platform.

Students in Korea watching their individual device screens

Students in Greece celebrating by waving flags


Kahoot!’ers from around the world and the far corners of the globe have helped us to develop, evolve, and celebrate a learning tool – but you, the educators, are really what make learning awesome! We’re so appreciate of all the teachers, educators, and school-based staff that help to create and host with Kahoot!, as well as the students who play, compete, and engage along the way! Whether live at a Kahoot! event, or virtually in online learning and asynchronous activities, we’ve loved connecting and collaborating with teachers near and far and can’t wait to continue playful, curious, and inclusive learning in 2024, and beyond!

Interested in co-hosting an event with us, or even coordinating your own Kahoot!’ified presentation? Get in touch with us to brainstorm first steps, next steps, or reflections by emailing! For now, we’ll see you on the Podium! Happy new year, teachers! Thanks for being awesome.