teacher in front of classroom presenting on Kahoot! PDF to kahoot generator

Rather than reinventing the wheel, try transforming the trusted and existing lesson plans and curriculum plans! Ahead of launching the new PDF to Kahoot! generator, Kahoot! Ambassadors shared their input and perspective on the tool; read on to learn of best-case scenarios for using the new AI-enhanced question generator as ”both a gamechanger and timesaver when it comes to lesson planning!” (Kahoot! Ambassador, Mohammed A.).

Unpack curriculum plans and pacing guides

Level up the hours spent in team meetings, grade-level planning sessions, and admin-organized collaboration sessions with AI-generated and automagically created Kahoot! lesson plans. As teachers and teammates unpack state-issued standards of learning and dilute initiatives into daily lessons, the all-new AI-enhanced question generator on Kahoot! Creator helps to process external PDF files (think district wide SIPs and university syllabi) and translate the downloaded content into Kahoot!’ified learning experiences, all the while reviewing concepts and emphasized areas of focus. Rather than rewriting curriculum guides, Steve S., Kahoot! Ambassador and STEAM Learning Coordinator, suggests that teachers upload and import existing files into Kahoot! for immediate, ready-to-play engaging lessons and interactive learning experiences. Steve shared a click-by-click demonstration at our latest Kahoot! for Schools webinar! Check it out:

Standardize learning across campuses and communities

Welcoming new teachers, educators, and school-based staff to classrooms and campuses makes for quite the transition period – especially with last-minute substitute changes, crisis coverage, or long-term leave arrangements. As these newly adapted educators get up to speed on school-specific aims and approaches, simplify lesson planning and classroom activities. While new teachers review curriculum guides and documents, Kahoot! will simultaneously generate new lessons in seconds. Import these same files into the Kahoot! AI-enhanced question generator to create engaging and standards-aligned lessons in mere moments – all with the same, school-scripted curriculum language and classroom terminology. Kahoot! Ambassador, Daniel T., shares that the varied question types and mixed-media formats native to “Kahoot! transform monotonous, one-dimensional content into learning that’s multi-faceted and actively-engaging!”. 


Consolidate long line files and large documents

Paging through lengthy files, textbooks, or research documents to source concepts, questions, and key details? Digest lengthy materials efficiently and effectively with the file import tool! Rather than assigning an entire reading excerpt for student homework or test preparation, support deeper learning with a Kahoot! review instead! In sifting through the downloaded and imported content, Kahoot! will automatically provide both question prompts and associated answer options to help students steer their studying and learning approaches, all to better understand and acclimate to new material. 

KahootTip: Student, teacher, and community privacy on Kahoot! is always a priority! If (and when!) documents are uploaded to the Kahoot! Creator, they’re never shared or saved on the Kahoot! platform. 


What’s next for AI-enhanced Kahoot! Tools?

Curious learning happens with Kahoot!, and behind the screen. We’re always working on improving and expanding teacher tools to be even more productive…and awesome! As educators everywhere continue using and creating with AI-enhanced question generators, we’re working on creating even further tools for creation. What’s next? Customization tools that will allow creators and educators to engage with AI tools to tweak the language, tone, and voice of generated questions and prompts. Ensure content is developmentally and academically appropriate for your students by adjusting grade-level and age-specific filters, and simplify content creation even further with auto-suggestions for media and image inclusions throughout Kahoot! content and lessons.


Updated AI-enhanced tools are available to educators with Kahoot!+ Max subscriptions! Find the new file import tools in Kahoot! Creator anytime you create a new kahoot from scratch. Learn more here, or upgrade your Kahoot! account today to try for yourself.