Graphic with Pin Answer title and game screen of the Pin Answer question

Tap into every learner experience with Pin Answer question types! With this all-new, points-based question type, students can move and maneuver images, diagrams, and more to identify specific details within images, diagrams or photographs! Read on to learn how to incorporate Pin Answer question types to review mapping skills, identify elements on the Periodic Table, and reinforce phonics for emergent readers.

Pin down your students’ comprehension, learning, and achievement with Kahoot!’s new question type, Pin Answer, available now in the Kahoot! Creator with Kahoot!+! Similar to the no-points counterpart Drop Pin, Pin Answer helps students to identify specific and precise areas of an uploaded image, photograph, or diagram. Then, review responses in real-time with visual aggregated data, showing where students and players have marked the image. Interested in more details, find student-specific submissions in the auto-generated reports after learning sessions. Kahoot! Ambassadors have created lessons with Pin Answer, and are sharing their top tips and best practices for including tools that empower student’s voices and leverage learning toward impactful and impressionable lessons! 

This new question type, Pin Answer, allows teachers and students to leverage visual supports and image queues to assess with precision. Here’s how:

  1. Login to your Kahoot! profile, or create a new account.
  2. Navigate to the Kahoot! Creator, and starting building a kahoot from scratch with the blank canvas.
  3. Select “Add question” and select the “Pin Answer” question type from the Test Knowledge question menu.
  4. Begin by adding in a question, prompt, or phrase for players to answer.
    #KahootTip: Consider using words like “Find”, “Identify”, or “Mark” to ensure clarity and understanding of this new question format! Kahoot! Ambassador, Kevin H. in Arizona, USA, suggests adding in the direction, “Move the picture to find…” to ease any confusion!
  5. Choose an image from the Getty and Unsplash libraries, or upload your own image!
  6. Select the “Correct Area” for student submissions.
    #KahootTip: Kahoot! Ambassador, Pedro C. in Spain, suggests adding more than one correct area to help students in their deductive reasoning skills.
  7. Save your question, add another, and press Save! Your kahoot is ready to play.

In case you need some inspiration, ideas, or insights on how to best create Pin Answer questions, our Ambassadors are here to help! Check out these top tips and best practices to help your students make it to the Podium!

Pin Answer for Geography 

Travel the world, or teach compass directions with Pin Answer! Kahoot! Ambassador, Pedro C., suggests using Pin Answer for students to identify key locations on a map – whether by city, country, continent or region! For younger students, uploading a birds-eye view of the school, classroom, or campus may help little learners get familiar with their environment and community! Reviewing maps, at any scale, helps students to understand directionality and geography. 

#KahootTip To review routines and procedures, upload a picture of your classroom and have students identify the doors for Fire Drills, secure areas for Lock Down Drills, or sheltered spaces for Severe Weather.

Pin Answer for Science

Review diagrams with precision, as students mark, note, and identify elements of the Periodic Table. Differentiate between noble gasses and metals, or identify the element represented by different compound structures! With Pin Answer, students can find individual elements, or even entire ranges. 

Level up learning with the anatomy of a human, bones of the human body, or even the parts of a plant. By providing a standardized diagram, students can recognize and acknowledge the entire structure, being, or situation (for example, a whole sunflower) before identifying an isolated element! Adding in larger regions or oblong shapes? Customize the “Correct Area” for answers by drawing an outline over the accepted region, whether as a standard shape or zig-zagged like these flower roots! 

Pin answer question, "Where are the roots" with a picture of a sunflower

Pin Answer for Language and Literacy

Establishing letter recognition, print awareness, or early phonics? Prompt students to find uppercase/lowercase letter matches, identify the corresponding vocabulary word, or select the vowel and consonant blends. With Pin Answer, players can match words to pictures without any necessary literacy skills, making for accessible learning at any age or achievement level!

Kevin H. mentions, “One very cool thing on Pin Answer is seeing all the correct pins after each question.  I sometimes would add a slide with the correct answer so the students would see it.  It’s really all about the learning and it just happens to be fun too!!”. We hope you think so, too!

Pin answer question to match the upper and lowercase letters of B.

Pin Answer for Community 

Take a break for academic goals and foster community and connection with trivia based Pin Answer questions. By marking a spot (or multiple spots), prompt players to find the differences between two images, locate disguised pictures or words, or even spot a hidden character! Level up collaboration, too, by playing Pin Answer questions in team mode! This ways, students across the classroom (or campus, or even community!) can work together and establish perspective and relationship all within the trusted tool of Kahoot!. 

#KahootTip If your students are new to Pin Answer question types, include a few of these trivia based questions to establish processes and procedures for the new question format. This way, students can build familiarity with the Pin Answer format without the pressure of academic scores and rigor.


Pin Answer offers educators a powerful toolkit (with just one question type!) to enhance classroom engagement and gather valuable insights from students. Educators can facilitate meaningful discussions, tailor instruction to meet student needs, and cultivate a collaborative learning environment with visual supports and scaffolds! Ready to elevate your classroom experience? Dive into the world of Pin Answer today and watch as your students thrive like never before. 

Pin Answer question formats are available with Kahoot!+ Max subscriptions. Login to your account to get started, or upgrade your subscription today. Happy Kahoot!’ing!