Onboarding interns

Summer is an exciting time for companies with many fresh faces joining the team as interns! This week, we are welcoming our new interns to Kahoot!, and we believe that onboarding them efficiently and effectively is crucial to ensuring they feel welcomed and prepared to contribute to make learning awesome – our mission here at Kahoot!. Traditional onboarding methods, while effective, can sometimes lack the engagement necessary to fully capture the enthusiasm and attention of new interns. With Kahoot!, we transform the onboarding process into a fun, interactive, and memorable experience!

The Kahoot! experience doesn’t stop at engagement

Kahoot! offers a unique approach to training and onboarding through gamified learning. By turning the training materials into engaging quizzes and interactive sessions, Kahoot! keeps our interns actively involved. Earlier this year a meta-analysis of independent, peer-reviewed studies revealed that classroom use of Kahoot! had a significant positive impact on students’ academic performance. It is my experience, as an HR professional, that this is also applicable for learning at work: Kahoot! not only makes the learning process enjoyable but also enhances retention of information, ensuring that interns are better prepared to hit the ground running.

3 tips to creating an engaging onboarding experience that sticks

  1. Interactive presentations: We introduce our interns to the company with an interactive presentation that covers the basics of the company, including its history, values, business areas, and more. I import my PowerPoint or Google slides to the Kahoot! platform – it’s super-easy with the new add-in – and add some interactive questions in between slides, i.e. a poll or a word cloud, to give my audience a voice and do a pulse check, and reinforce my key points with quiz questions – this has been scientifically proven to make them stick!
  2. Selfie-kahoots: We let our interns create a kahoot about themselves. It’s a fun way to introduce yourself to new colleagues by mixing up fun, personal and professional facts to tell your story. 
  3. Policy and compliance training: Compliance training is essential but often dull. With the AI powered feature PDF to kahoot, you can convert this into a series of engaging Kahoot! quizzes, you can make sure that important policies are understood without the usual tedium.

By incorporating Kahoot! into your summer internship program, you too can significantly enhance the onboarding experience, making it more engaging, effective, and enjoyable. 

Learn more about our features for interactive presentations, or sign up for one of our upcoming webinars to get a deeper dive.