Kahoot! for interactive

Presentations and meetings

  • Keep audiences engaged, energized, and involved, remotely or in-person
  • Import slides and reinforce content with a range of question types
  • Spark discussions and give everyone a voice with polls and word clouds
  • Collect, discuss, and vote on ideas as a team with brainstorm
  • Get immediate feedback to ensure your key points landed

“With Kahoot!, not only is my audience more engaged by being able to participate, but I am also able to reinforce important content. When presenting, there is nothing more valuable than knowing in real-time that I have landed the key points I want to get across!”
Keith Lillico, Lillico Learning Solutions
“Everyone loved the new game-based way of learning with Kahoot! where you don’t even realize you’re learning! It just happens naturally.”
Richard "Bo" Bodo, Kärcher

Learn how Kahoot! integrates with MS Teams and can be used with other video conferencing tools!

Engagement has never been more important

The shift to remote work has made engagement more important than ever. With Kahoot!, you can easily involve and energize everyone, no matter the size of your remote meeting.

Combine slides with audience participation features

Import a slide deck from PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote – or upload a PDF file – and add audience interaction questions to create an interactive presentation.

Give your audience a voice

Add polls, word clouds, and open-ended questions between slides to facilitate interaction with your audience throughout your presentation or meeting.

Spark discussions with brainstorm

Keep everyone engaged and energized during in-person and virtual meetings with brainstorm, a gamified way to collect, discuss, and vote on ideas.

Seamlessly host virtual presentations and meetings

Deliver presentations and meetings via the video conference platform of your choice. Use Kahoot! integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zoom (coming soon!) for an even more seamless experience.

Get real-time insights

Reinforce content with quiz questions, and view immediate feedback to see if you landed your key points. Access a full report afterward to identify knowledge gaps.

How to deliver interactive presentations

Step 1: Import your slide deck

Ensure your slides are visually engaging before importing them into your kahoot. Our slide importer supports .ppt, .key, and PDFs.

Step 2: Optimize for maximum engagement

Rearrange your slides to ensure your presentation flows. Focus on three key messages and remove as many slides as possible so as not to overwhelm your audience.

Step 3: Reinforce your key takeaways

Add a mix of interactive question types to keep your audience engaged, ensuring you land your key points and allowing you to identify knowledge gaps.

Step 4: Interact with your audience

Spark discussions with polls, open-ended questions, and brainstorms. Get instant feedback and discover the audience’s opinions on certain topics.

Watch how you can use Kahoot! to keep audiences engaged, energized, and involved

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How to use brainstorm questions
How to use word clouds
How to learn and present remotely with Kahoot!

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Play our demo game to learn more about Kahoot! for presentations

Which plan is best for presentations and meetings?

  • Import a slide deck
  • Spark discussions with brainstorm
  • Gather feedback with polls and word clouds

  • Reinforce content with quiz questions
  • Deliver a branded presentation experience

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