Kahoot! for presentations

Interactive presentations

The easiest way to make any presentation engaging

  • Connect with audiences of all sizes with poll and discussion questions
  • Reinforce key points and engage with competitive quiz question types
  • Combine slides from existing presentations with kahoot questions – coming soon!
  • Be a superstar presenter in every meeting – remote or in-person!

"Using Kahoot! to connect with teams remotely across different countries for our employee gathering helped us tremendously!"
Hakim Mahrukh, Philips
"You can bring out a good sense of your organizational culture while playing kahoots."
Emily Zachariasen, Guild Mortgage

The ultimate presentation for any meeting - remote or in-person

Add audience interaction to your presentation

Use quizzes, polls, word cloud, open-ended questions, and more to create a fully interactive presentation

Reinforce key points with competitive quiz questions

Keep the audience on the edge of their seats by adding quiz questions, from quick-fire true/false, to more challenging open-ended questions

Combine slides from existing presentations with kahoot questions

Import single slides to bring polished presentation visuals into your game. Coming soon: the ability to import an entire presentation into Kahoot!

Get instant insights and feedback

Audience responses appear in real time for all to see, with a full report delivered afterwords

Kahoot! can be used with any video conferencing tool

Present from anywhere

Keep teams connected and present via video conferencing

video conference kahoot game

Learn more on how to present with Kahoot! remotely

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Our recommended plan for interactive presentations

  • Combine all our quiz and poll questions with slides
  • Stimulate discussion with wordcloud
  • Branded game experience

  • Premium image library (from Getty images)
  • Up to 2,000 players

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