Kahoot! for presentations

Interactive presentations

Now you can deliver engaging interactive presentations virtually with our slide importer.

  • Have your audience “on the edge of their seats” when presenting virtually or in person
  • Give your audience a voice, and reinforce content with quiz questions
  • Get immediate feedback to ensure you have landed your key points

"We used to rely primarily on slides to deliver training, but it lacks interactivity, unlike Kahoot!"
Louise Runström, Tech Data
“With Kahoot!, not only is my audience more engaged by being able to participate, I am also able to reinforce important content. When presenting, there is nothing more valuable than knowing in real time that I have landed the key points I want to get across!”
Keith Lillico, Lillico Learning Solutions

Learn how Kahoot! integrates with MS Teams and can be used with other video conferencing tools!

Engagement has never been more important

Giving presentations remotely via video conference is especially challenging – Kahoot! wows an audience with minimal effort

Combine slides with audience participation features

Conveniently import existing slides – PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote and PDF supported! – and add audience interaction questions. Coming soon: add more than 4 poll answer options, and open-ended feedback questions!

Include your audience throughout

Add polls and word clouds in between slides to facilitate constant interaction with your audience throughout.

Reinforce content throughout

Prioritize and reinforce key information with quiz questions and remove guesswork with new multi-select answers

Get real-time insights

View immediate feedback to understand if you have landed your key points, and access a full report afterwards

Play our demo game to learn more about Kahoot! for presentations

Which plan is best for your presentation?

  • Import any slide deck
  • Gather feedback with polls and word clouds
  • Reinforce content with quiz questions

  • Deliver a branded presentation experience
  • Interact with up to 2,000 participants

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