Use cases and success stories

Millions of office superheroes have already brought the Kahoot! fun and magic into their workplace. Read how other businesses play Kahoot! in different scenarios and get inspired.

Corporate training Remote training

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Corporate training

Boring training? Forget that! Spice up your training sessions by making them engaging, fun, interactive and memorable through games. You can use Kahoot! to break the ice in the beginning of a session, reinforce a topic, assess progress or reward trainees for their great work.

With Kahoot!, a trainer becomes a superstar game host, keeping participants on the edge of their seats. They’ll feel more plugged in and learn without even realizing it! All of this increases knowledge retention and will give you a better return on your training investment. Here are some examples:

Sales training

Equip your team with all the knowledge they need to score great sales! Sales professionals are known to be extra competitive, which is why game-based sales training works like a charm, giving everyone a reason to look forward to the next session.

Product training

Knowing all the ins and outs of a new product is critical for closing sales and answering questions of existing and potential customers. We know it’s a lot of info to go through, but Kahoot! will make it much easier to remember when you train your internal teams, as well as partners and distributors.

Customer service training

Many companies have already weaved gamification into their customer service training. When it comes to customer service, it’s always better with a smile! Keep your team energetic and engaged so that they make your customers happy 🙂

Policy training

Let’s face it – mastering policies is tough. But who said it has to be dull? Using Kahoot! will help you make heavy content more lightweight and easier to process, as well as activate the audience by injecting some fun and competition.

Success story: Facebook LATAM

Using Kahoot! for sales training since 2016, Facebook LATAM sees maximum engagement both in co-located and virtual teams. Read about their best practices!

Hero feature: advanced reporting

Access advanced, visual reports on your game to monitor trainee progress, instantly assess learning and identify topics that might need follow-up.

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Remote training

To check off all learning goals and make training really impactful, you don’t necessarily need to have your participants in the same room. In addition to playing Kahoot! live in a group setting, you can also assign challenges that trainees can play anytime on their phones or tablets.

You can combine challenges with in-class training to reinforce content or assess knowledge retention, play across offices when you train staff remotely, or make it possible to take training on the go for those who are busiest.

Train distributed teams

No need to worry about timezones, online conference setup and the other bits and bobs of arranging a virtual session. Send content in a Kahoot! challenge – it’s interactive, the competitive part motivates people to join, and, besides, they can take it in their own time, regardless of their time zone.

Retail sales training

In retail sales, remote training can be a massive time-saver for distributed teams! Help your salespeople stay at the top of their game by delivering training to where they are! Instead of calling them into a training session in the office, send a challenge to train them about new products, campaigns or offers.

Homework after live sessions

Many companies also use Kahoot! challenges to complement their in-class training sessions. It’s a great way to reinforce training content and review how much knowledge was retained.

Training on the go

Give the busiest bees flexibility to complete their training wherever they are, at their own pace. With Kahoot! challenges, all they need is a mobile device. Especially useful for sales teams who are often on the go!

Success story: Kärcher North America

Using Kahoot!, Kärcher North America totally nailed their virtual training strategy – discover how!

Hero feature: mobile challenges

Assign a kahoot as a challenge so that trainees play it in our app. They’ll see both questions and answers on their screen. You can track their progress in real time both in the app and on your computer.

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Employee onboarding

The quicker you get newcomers up-to-speed with everything they need to know, they sooner they’ll be set to make great things happen! However, we all know the first few days at a new job can feel overwhelming with tons of new information to process.

Gamify employee onboarding to make it stress-free and engaging for newcomers! In addition to practical content, Kahoot! also helps connect employees, boost morale and build a positive, playful organization culture.

Employee orientation

Make your newcomers’ first day a celebration! Many HR folks already use Kahoot! to help new employees ease their way into the new role and environment. By the way, according to research, good orientation programs improve employee retention by 25%. We think that a team that plays together stays together!

Onboarding training

Facts, figures, names, faces, slides, PDFs, videos – 🤯 Avoid the common mistake of packing too much info into too little time and rushing through it on your new employees’ first day. Repackage the same content into games! You can even assign them as challenges, so that people can play it in their own time, at their own pace.

Introducing newcomers

Here’s another scenario that many companies (including us at Kahoot!) use for onboarding: flip the roles and encourage newcomers to create and host their own kahoots to introduce themselves. We call them “selfie kahoots”.

Success story: Liftoff

Fast-growing startup uses Kahoot! to build relationships across their global offices – learn how they gamify onboarding!

Hero feature: collaborate on kahoots with your team

Creating kahoots is just as fun as playing them! Inject some creative teamwork into the onboarding process. In Kahoot! for businesses, you can invite team members to collaborate on kahoots in a secure, shared team space.

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Slides, slides, and more slides… How much of that content actually sticks? Put your game show host’s hat on and make your presentations interactive by blending them with Kahoot!

Team meetings

When a team gets together, isn’t that a perfect moment to play? Fire up a kahoot to present a project update, recap on a campaign, introduce a new plan – you can make a game on any topic depending on your agenda. Graphs and charts can make a good addition to kahoot questions.

Company all-hands

Phones out! Look up and participate! Instead of a lecture-style presentation, make sure everyone’s in. Celebrate the latest achievements, give credit to the heroes and boost team spirit! You can add an extra twist by encouraging your employees to play in team mode.

Present at conferences

In addition to internal presentations, you can also use Kahoot! to make your company shine in external events, for example, in conferences. Whether you host it to start your presentations, recap as you go along, or replace slides altogether – this is a great way to keep audience engaged!

Success story: Getty Images

Getty Images weaved game-based learning into their organizational culture, playing Kahoot! in presentations and meetings – read their success story.

Hero feature: brand your kahoots

Brand kahoots with your company’s logo when you present. This branding will appear in the game lobby, on each question, and on screens after the game. It’s always better with a personal touch!

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Other popular use cases

From after-work gatherings to executive meetings and conferences with thousands of attendees – you can create a kahoot on any topic and play it in all kinds of scenarios. It’s all up to you and your creativity! Some other examples we heard of from different companies include:

  • Team building
  • After-work activities
  • Internal competitions
  • Events
  • Consultancy
  • Promotion

Stay tuned for more success stories, as well as tips and tricks for specific use cases!