Deliver winning presentations for any audience!

Slides are the usual way to deliver a presentation, but how much of that content actually sticks? How can you make your presentation stand out? Gamify it with Kahoot! to deliver key points, recap on your content and keep your audience on the edge of their seats!

7 ways Kahoot! can help you deliver a killer presentation

Engage your audience with games

Whether you’re presenting in an internal meeting, training session, workshop, or an external event, playing Kahoot! will help you activate and engage any audience. You can play it before you present to warm up your listeners, during the session to add dynamics and emphasize the key points, or in the final part to summarize and end the session on a high note!

It’s easy

A big screen, an internet connection and good mood are all you need to start a game. For participants, joining a kahoot will require only a mobile phone or a computer, attention and friendly competitive spirit: you snooze – you lose! To increase motivation, you can offer a small prize to the winner.

Shine as a game host

Hosting a kahoot is just as fun as playing it, and it’s entirely up to you how to steer the action. For example, read the questions out loud to captivate attention. Or, tell a story between questions to keep your presentation going. Making it fun and dynamic will definitely score you a few extra points and make it memorable. Put your game show host’s hat on!

Interaction goes both ways

Let’s face it – no matter how good your content is, delivering it in a lecture format to a busy business audience isn’t always the best bet. Instead of wading through slides, gamify some of that content to switch from a lecture into a conversation. Your topic might generate more buzz than you ever imagined once everyone gets into the game mode!

Content sticks

Content consumed in an interactive way is just bound to stick! You can host a kahoot in the end of your presentation to assess how well the audience remembered the key points. If you find that some questions were particularly tricky, these valuable insights will help you make your next presentation even better.

Kahoot! about whatever you want!

Creativity has no limits! Make a kahoot on any topic and use it in any part of your presentation… about anything you want! Remember to add images and video to the question to make your quiz even more engaging.

Gather feedback your content

When you’re finished with your presentation, fire up a survey kahoot to gather feedback from your attendees. We promise your answering rate will increase drastically!

How other companies use Kahoot! for presentations

Team meetings

Team meetings should never be boring! Why not fire up a kahoot to present a project update, recap on a campaign, or introduce a new plan? Blend fun with practical value by incorporating graphs, charts and team news into your kahoots. Flip the roles from meeting to meeting so that everyone gets to try both the host’s and the player’s hat on.

Company all-hands

Phones out! Don’t do a lecture-style presentation this time. Make room for interaction, laughter and some buzz. Celebrate the latest achievements, give credit to the heroes and boost team spirit! Add an extra twist by encouraging your employees to play in team mode.


Workshops are all about interaction, discussion, teamwork and hands-on experience with a topic. Play a kahoot to break the ice, activate participants and get a productive conversation going!


In addition to internal presentations, you can also use Kahoot! to make your company shine at external events. Whether you host it to start your presentations, recap as you go along, or replace slides altogether – this is a great way to keep your audience engaged!

Other events

Get noticed and put the spotlight on whatever information you need to share! Kahoot! brings an an intensity that livens up an event and helps you stand out from your competitors. Play Kahoot! with partners, customers and prospects, and they’ll remember you for a long time!

Training sessions

Complementing your slides with a quiz in a training session works great to captivate your trainees’ attention, make knowledge stick, as well as spark a discussion in the room.


Get-to-know-you kahoots can work like a charm for teambuilding! You can learn fun and unusual info about your colleagues and quickly move past the initial awkwardness that comes when you first meet someone. You’ll be surprised at what you learn and how many fun discussions this kahoot stirs.

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Hero features in Kahoot! for businesses

Starting from $10 per user/month, you’ll get access to these features in Kahoot! Plus, Pro or Premium for businesses:

  • Essential features for creating, playing and sharing games
  • Import kahoots from spreadsheets
  • Co-create and edit games with other trainers in a private team space
  • Organize kahoots into folders by topic, training segment, etc.
  • Access customizable game templates
  • Assign mobile challenges for remote and virtual training
  • View and share advanced reports
  • Make your kahoots more engaging with images from our premium image library (Kahoot! Pro and Premium)
  • Add custom branding to your kahoots