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Give the gift of Kahoot!+ ?

Looking for a great teacher gift? Give the gift of Kahoot! to a teacher you know or just someone deserving.

Check out the ways you can do this below!



Purchase an Apple Store or Google Play Store gift card

You can purchase a gift card for the Apple App Store or Google Play Store which your chosen person can use to buy a subscription from inside the Kahoot! mobile app.

Buy Apple gift card Buy Google Play gift card

Create a Kahoot! account, upgrade & give user credentials

Creating a Kahoot! account only takes a few minutes! Sign up for an account, upgrade the account to one of our paid plans and give the credentials to the person you would like to gift the account to.

Create account

Upgrade your existing subscription to a team plan & invite a friend

Whether you have an existing account or if you create a new account, you can upgrade your subscription to a team plan with 2 or more licenses and then invite a friend through your account!

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