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Boost collaboration in the workplace with Team Mode in Kahoot!

Looking for ways to nurture collaboration, teamwork, leadership skills and good communication in the workplace? Then you should try out Kahoot! Team Mode!

Team Mode has been a popular feature in classrooms for years, and when we launched it as part of Kahoot! 360, our premium offering for businesses and enterprises, back in 2021, it had been one of the most requested features from our business users. They told us that they wanted the ability to run advanced team-style kahoot sessions, where individual users join and play as a part of a multi-player team. We met their request, and since launch, Team Mode has become popular in companies across the globe. 

Team Mode is designed to boost collaboration and cooperation like never before. It can be used in all types of learning environments, in the office, for remote working, or for hybrid meetings or events. Many of our customers use Team Mode for their all-hands meetings, company-wide gatherings, and team building activities to spark team spirit with friendly competition.

Check out how to present with Team Mode or sign up for Kahoot! 360 today!