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Create engaging corporate learning journeys with Kahoot! courses

Kahoot! courses makes it easy for companies to foster deeper learning and structured training with powerful engagement from beginning to end

Around the world, companies are seeing an urgent need to upskill and reskill employees. Rapidly developing technology is creating new demands for worker knowledge and skills, but for many, traditional training programs aren’t meeting these needs. According to Gartner, 70% of employees feel they haven’t mastered the skills required for their job, while 80% say they lack both the skills they need for their current job and to be prepared for their future career.

In many traditional training programs, the problem is twofold: a lack of flexibility, leading to the training quickly becoming outdated, and a lack of engagement, making knowledge less likely to stick.

Kahoot! courses offers a different kind of experience.

With Kahoot! courses, available in select Kahoot! 360 plans, trainers and presenters can easily create and customize learning journeys that keep participants engaged, motivated, and actively involved every step of the way.

Deliver key messaging and learning content with built-in interactivity, assess participants’ understanding of the material, brainstorm new ideas, and even gather participant feedback on the experience. Presenters can host their course content through live, instructor-led training sessions, or assign them as self-paced learning experiences that employees can access anytime, anywhere. 

By hosting Kahoot! courses, businesses can turbocharge engagement at every level of employee learning, from onboarding to product training and other mandatory training, to creating a culture of continuous learning and development throughout the organization. 

Taking corporate learning to the next level

With the launch of several exciting new features, Kahoot! courses can now deliver more impactful learning than ever. 

Kahoot!’s new microlearning format Story makes asynchronous learning even more engaging with the power of interactive storytelling. Presenters can deliver information in a more accessible and manageable way, avoiding overwhelming participants with “content dumping,” and ensuring that the knowledge sticks.

Additionally, trainers and presenters can now create engaging training content even more efficiently with the Kahoot! question generator. Powered by AI, this new feature makes it easy to bring training and other learning experiences to life by automatically generating kahoot questions on your chosen topic. 

Users can create and customize a learning session in seconds, enabling companies to keep their training content up-to-date, and even adapt their content to different teams’ needs.

Stay tuned for more AI-powered creation tools for courses coming soon!

When employees have the skills they need, their talent, creativity, and innovative spirit can truly shine. Kahoot! is already used in hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide, including 97% of the Fortune 500, to help do just that: ignite engagement and empower teams to unlock their learning potential.

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