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Kahoot! WorkSummit

Register for free and stream every session from the Kahoot! WorkSummit! Discover the future of corporate learning from some of the industry’s most influential brands – including LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Cambridge Assessment English – and thought leaders such as Jane Hart.


Watch the virtual Kahoot! WorkSummit for free

Thousands of professionals from over 140 countries signed up for the first-ever Kahoot! WorkSummit on November 12, 2020. You can watch every session on demand by registering today! The talks connect you with the latest thinking on corporate learning by exploring key trends and emerging themes in professional development.


Hear from industry leaders on L&D

Watch a fireside chat that explores the future of corporate learning, and discover why it’s critical to build a strong culture of learning throughout your organization.


Discover new blended learning solutions

Watch demos of Kahoot!’s latest blended learning solutions, and see how organizations can securely roll out corporate learning at scale with Kahoot!.


Design corporate learning that succeeds

Discover how adults learn so that you can create a blended corporate learning strategy for the new normal of remote working.

Speaker lineup

Duration: 15 minutesKahoot! kick-off keynote session

Welcome to the Kahoot! WorkSummit

Join Eilert Hanoa, CEO of Kahoot!, as he kicks off the first-ever Kahoot! WorkSummit, and meet your hosts, James Micklethwait, VP of Kahoot! at work, and Evelien Jacobs, Marketing Specialist at Kahoot!.

SupportingLearningAtScale - Kahoot WorkSummit

Duration: 15 minutes

The state of corporate learning 2020

James Micklethwait, VP of Kahoot! at Work

Discover the key findings of Kahoot!’s recent corporate learning survey, which asked hundreds of professionals in the United States about the new reality of work.

Duration: 15 minutes

Promoting a culture of learning

Scott Shute, Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs at LinkedIn

In this session, Scott Shute will cover how to take care of your most valuable asset: your employees. He’ll also discuss how this employee-first culture is implemented at LinkedIn.

Duration: 15 minutes

Supporting learning at scale in your organization

Melissa Mills, Senior Product Manager at Kahoot!

Implementing a successful learning strategy across your organization takes more than just delivering training material and courses. Find out how to scale up your corporate learning strategies to help employees thrive.

Succeeding with Corporate Learning_ Pedagogy & Learning - Kahoot WorkSummit

Duration: 15 minutes

Structuring learning and assessment to set learners up for success

Dr. Sarah McElwee, Principal Research Manager at Cambridge Assessment English

Gain insight into the science of how adults learn – helping you to create engaging and impactful L&D content, including training courses and assessment.

Duration: 15 minutes

How the brain learns: Designing corporate learning that succeeds

Olav Schewe, author, speaker, and EdTech founder

From cognitive psychology to neuroscience, see how the brain learns, and find out how to improve workplace learning with this knowledge.

Duration: 15 minutes

Case study: Using blended learning for onboarding

Andrea Vimercati, Training Team Lead at Adjust

Get practical tips and tricks for delivering successful onboarding training via blended learning solutions for remote employees.

Duration: 15 minutes

Modern workplace learning: back to basics

Jane Hart, author of Modern Workplace Learning, speaker, and founder

Find out why companies need to adopt new approaches to corporate learning and development to successfully adapt to the new normal of remote working, both during and after the pandemic.

The Future of Corporate Learning - Kahoot WorkSummit

Duration: 15 minutes

Kahoot! + Zoom: Create awesome employee engagement in any meeting

Rik van den Munckhof, Senior Manager Design at Kahoot!

Join a demo of Kahoot!’s new Zapp (Zoom App), and learn how everyone in your organization can host more efficient and engaging remote meetings.

Duration: 15 minutes

Microsoft Teams: Corporate learning and training in the flow of work

Steven Abrahams, Partnerships for Teams at Microsoft

Hear how to utilize the Teams platform – and apps from Kahoot! and other partners – to deliver impactful training and development in your organization.

Duration: 10 minutes

Kahoot! 360: How to create engaging learning experiences for all learners

Osama Hanif, Senior Product Manager at Kahoot!

Join a demo of Kahoot! Courses, and learn how to boost training completion rates, track progress to identify personalized learning paths, and empower learners to take control of their development.

Duration: 10 minutes

Kahoot! 360: How to create interactive presentations and meetings

Padraic Woods, Senior Product Manager at Kahoot!

Learn how to create interactive presentations with Kahoot!’s latest features, and discover how the upcoming “brainstorm” question type will reimagine meetings.

Duration: 10 minutes

Creating engagement for non-desk and remote workers with Actimo

Morten Christoffersen, Head of Product at Actimo – a Kahoot! company

Introducing Actimo, an employee app for the modern non-desk workforce. Discover how to engage non-desk and remote employees with this mobile-first solution.

Duration: 30 minutes

Fireside chat: What is the future of corporate learning?Kahoot! kick-off keynote session

Join Jane Hart (author of Modern Workplace Learning), Scott Shute (LinkedIn), Dr. Sarah McElwee (Cambridge Assessment English), and Steven Abrahams (Microsoft) as they discuss the future of corporate learning with host James Micklethwait, VP of Kahoot! at Work.

They’ll explore the importance of blended learning in building a culture of learning throughout an organization, as well as discuss ways to boost engagement in remote and in-person L&D programs.

Who should watch the Kahoot! WorkSummit?

Anyone who facilitates onboarding programs, training sessions, and meetings will benefit from watching the Kahoot! WorkSummit.

  • L&D professionals will gain valuable insight into corporate learning strategies for ILT, VILT, and e-learning.
  • IT admins will discover how to securely roll out corporate learning at scale.
  • Managers will learn how to host engaging, interactive meetings and micro-learning experiences.