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Access thousands of high-quality learning resources on a wide range of topics for all ages on the new Kahoot! Marketplace! Discover the learning content that’s perfect for your needs - whether for work, school or home!

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Combine the world-famous kahoot engagement with deeper learning activities through fun and interactive activities, as well as full ready-to-use courses and lessons, created by Verified creators and accessible for learners of all ages. Explore learning resources!

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Access a comprehensive library of premium, highly engaging learning resources from Kahoot! to scratch that knowledge-itch with Kahoot!+ AccessPass. Available in English and Spanish with more languages coming soon! Explore Kahoot!+ AccessPass.

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Discover thousands of ready-to-use kahoots and collections from trusted creators and well-known publishers to make learning awesome at school, at work or at home. Explore all free content.

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Within the coming months, Kahoot!’ers will also be able to level-up their learning with more learning resources for deeper learning and engagement from trusted publishers. Are you a publisher? Learn more about this opportunity!

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Out of This World Earth Science

This Kahoot! Course covers some of the main topics in an Earth science class, ranging from the basics of experiments, to rocks & minerals, all the way up to ecology. These kahoots are a great way to review the material before a test, or to use as a blind kahoot to teach it fresh! 

Unusual, spooky and bizarre things

Have you ever heard of or seen these places or animals? The world is full of mystery and secrets! Discover some amazing, spooky and bizarre facts about animals, sports, places and more with these exciting kahoots from Kahoot!+ AccessPass!

Geography with National Geographic

Start your National Geographic expedition with this collection of quizzes from National Geographic. Navigate your knowledge about people and places, and put yourself on the map with other explorers ready to challenge you.

Frequently asked questions

What is the marketplace and how does it work?

Kahoot!’s new marketplace allows Verified creators and partners to monetize their high-quality, deeper learning content directly on the Kahoot! platform. All users with school, higher education, work, home, family and study subscriptions can purchase content offered for sale on the marketplace.

How do I create and submit content to sell on the marketplace?

Kahoot!’s new marketplace will gradually be rolled out to give more Verified creators the opportunity to monetize content. Anyone can apply to become a Verified creator, which is the first step in being considered for marketplace creator access as it continues to be rolled out to more creators and more users all over the world.

What makes Kahoot! Marketplace different from other marketplaces for learning content?

Kahoot! allows you to combine unique engagement and deeper learning with content from trusted Verified creators and publishers. Furthermore, the content on the marketplace is reviewed and approved to ensure that it is of the highest quality and that the creator’s IP is respected. In addition to this, our marketplace is available globally in a range of languages.

What is a course and how is a course different from a kahoot?

A course is a set of lessons or educational activities, including kahoots, that are integrated into a larger learning trajectory. A course is a resource that consists of various activities, such as kahoots, documents, slides, videos and more, that promote deeper learning and engagement and work towards a specific learning goal. A course may contain one or more kahoots within it.

How long do I get access to a course once I have paid for it?

You can purchase each course for one-year unlimited access. You will be prompted when it is about to expire and will have the opportunity to renew use of the course. The course access will not automatically renew.