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Kahoot! turns learners to leaders with new in-app quiz creation

Kahoot! app puts students in the driver’s seat, letting them create and host their own learning games to boost knowledge retention and develop 21st century skills.

OSLO, Norway, June 13, 2018 – Kahoot!, the game-based learning platform used by more than half of U.S. K-12 students, today launched a major mobile update that will allow users to create and host kahoots right in the Kahoot! app, even on the go. The app’s new update, designed for iOS and Android, supports Kahoot!’s “learners to leaders” pedagogy that empowers students to take control of their learning and go from consumers to creators of knowledge, from listeners to presenters and instructors.

In addition to the benefits for students and teachers, the app’s new features will also be handy for personal use in social settings. For example, quizmasters can create fun quizzes on the go and host them for friends or family, or set a challenge.

In a recent Kahoot! survey of more than 1,500 U.S. K-12 teachers, 1 in 5 teachers said they encourage their students to create their own kahoots. Their top three motivators for doing so were to foster student empowerment, develop collaboration skills and increase knowledge retention. Specifically, 14% of teachers said creating kahoots empowers students to lead the instruction, 12% said it facilitates collaboration and another 12% said it increases retention of a subject matter.

One such educator is Zack Gilbert, who teaches 5th and 6th grade social studies at Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School in Normal, Illinois, and has been using Kahoot! in his classroom since it was launched in 2013.

“Playing a kahoot is a lot of fun, but creating kahoots (for others to enjoy) is even better! Kahoot!’s new app allows anyone to create their own learning game from scratch,” Gilbert says. “As an educator for 23 years, authentic learning takes place when students are allowed to demonstrate their knowledge by creating, and sharing those creations to teach other students, too — and this can be done on a device that most students already have. Game on!”

Key App Features:

NEW: Create kahoots on your own mobile device, even on the go

Creativity can spark anywhere! Now everyone can put a great idea in a kahoot even on the go. With the new in-app creator tool, users can design and create kahoot quizzes from scratch on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere, with no account login needed. The Kahoot! checklist in the app hints what’s missing in order to make questions more engaging and helps users create a high-quality kahoot. Adding photos to questions from the camera roll or taking them with the camera during quiz creation saves a lot of time.

NEW: Host a live game from the app

In addition to single-player games and challenges, users can also host live kahoots in a group setting directly from the app. This game experience is powered by screen mirroring it via AirPlay (Apple TV) or Chromecast. Users can host a game they’ve created, or choose a ready-made games from the 25+ million public kahoots available on any topic.

Other features

With the latest additions, the app gives users a full-featured Kahoot! experience spanning across game creation, hosting and play. Existing features in the Kahoot! app include single-player games designed for practices and challenges that let teachers assign kahoots as homework to students. Homework challenges can be shared via email, Google Classroom, Remind, or by sharing a game PIN assigned to the challenge. This enables students to complete the kahoots at their own pace, on their own devices, outside the classroom.

“The Kahoot! learners to leaders pedagogy creates a loop where learners are in the driver’s seat in the classroom. It encourages independent or collaborative research and creation, empowers learners to take ownership of what they are learning and share their new-found knowledge with their peers, in a playful and social manner,” said Morten Versvik, co-founder and CTO, Kahoot! “With this latest update, we are hopeful it will make it much easier for teachers to encourage their students to take control of their learning by creating their own kahoot games.”

The ability to create kahoots in our app not only helps with better knowledge retention but also encourages collaborative and project-based learning preparing today’s students with 21st century skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

Morten Versvik, Co-Founder and CTO, Kahoot!

Download the app for free in the App Store or in Google Play.

Kahoot!’s app update includes integration with Apple’s Classkit API and makes Kahoot! one of the early education apps to be integrated with Apple’s brand new Schoolwork app, which helps teachers create assignments, view student progress and guide how students use apps in the classroom.

More information on the app can be found on the mobile app page on Kahoot! website.

About Kahoot!

Since its launch in 2012, Kahoot! has turned game-based learning into a pop culture phenomenon around the world. The game platform hosted over 70 million monthly active users and has a library with more than 50 million learning games, created and shared by fans in more than 200 countries. Kahoot! is on a mission to make learning awesome for learners in all contexts. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices in London, Austin and Palo Alto. Let’s play!

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