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Support Ukraine

Join us in our efforts to support Ukrainian educators and learners affected by the current crisis. 


Here's how you can help

Donate through premium Ukraine collection

100% of proceeds from this collection will be distributed evenly between the two recommended charities, Save The Children and UNICEF for Ukraine Children.

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Donate directly to Save The Children

Support Save The Children in their efforts to provide life-saving interventions across Eastern Ukraine, like food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.

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Donate directly to UNICEF for Ukraine Children

Support UNICEF in helping children in Ukraine by providing basic needs like safe water, nutrition and education support, and protecting from violence and abuse. 

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Learn about Ukraine

Access new collections about Ukraine to support the children and families of Ukraine and learn more about the country, people, languages and the culture. Purchase a premium collection where net proceeds are distributed to the organizations above or donate to the organizations directly. Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, their loved ones, and anyone affected by this crisis.

Premium collection: All About Ukraine!

Access a brand new premium kahoot collection on a variety of topics all about Ukraine. One hundred percent of net proceeds will be distributed evenly between the two charities Save The Children and UNICEF for Ukraine Children. 

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Discover Ukraine in English

Learn interesting facts about the people, culture, language and landscapes of Ukraine. You’ll also find content to support social emotional needs of learners. These collections are created by Kahoot! Academy and its partners, and are fit for learners of all ages. 

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Explore kahoots in Ukrainian

Access collections of high-quality kahoots in Ukrainian, created by Kahoot! Academy and its partners. Learn about wildlife, special occasions, interesting facts and more. The content is ready-to-use and fit for learners of all ages who speak Ukrainian or are supporting learners who speak Ukrainian. 

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Support for continued learning in Ukraine

Our platform gives kids and learners of all ages the opportunity to learn and develop. Our service is still active in Ukraine and we are currently providing Kahoot! EDU for free for both K-12 and higher education for one year to all schools in Ukraine that are in need.

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Explore the Kahoot! app, web platform, and unique content in Ukrainian

Five Ukrainian translators have made it possible for Kahoot! to support Ukrainian in the app and web platform, making it more accessible for our Ukrainian users, particularly young learners, to connect and learn with Kahoot!.

Read their stories