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We believe engaging learning is the key to development and empowerment at school, at home and at work. Kahoot!’s focus as a company is to operate in a sustainable way, in alignment with the impact on learning we’re aiming to make around the world.

Kahoot! and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals adopted by all UN member states representing an urgent call for action to make the world a better place by 2030. Many of the SDGs are reflected in our strategy because the goals are interconnected, and we believe in following the SDGs as a part of how we work.

Quality education

The goal number 4 (SGD4) is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030. Even though there has been great progress in global education, there are still many improvements that need to be done.

SDG4 is key to Kahoot!’s mission and operations. Within SDG4 we contribute to literacy, numeracy, overcoming language barriers, making learning more inclusive, and ensuring that learners acquire knowledge to promote sustainable development.

How Kahoot! contributes to literacy and numeracy

Illiteracy and language barriers remain a huge challenge that we must overcome together. The Kahoot! family recently expanded with DragonBox and Poio, award-winning math and learn-to-read apps. Together, we are on a mission to empower children of any background to learn through play, and build the world’s largest sustainable learning community!

Students learning how to read with the Poio app

Overcoming language barriers

Kahoot! is currently being played in countries all over the world, helping learners connect through the universal language of play and gain confidence in a language they might be learning. For example, many teachers use Kahoot! to help foreign learners, including refugees, to learn a new language. Read this success story of Carol Salva, ESL consultant, who used Kahoot! to educate refugee students and help them connect.

Making learning more inclusive

Kahoot! is an easy-to-use tool for everyone, putting student front and center, with equal chances of becoming classroom heroes. Teachers have more opportunities to devise unique learning opportunities, and students benefit through increased participation. For example, read how Arts teacher Barbara Wingfield encouraged creative teamwork with students co-creating kahoots in ASL.

Inclusion is one of our core values, and makes an impact on how we operate as an organization. We further aim to be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0, to an AA conformance level. Read our accessibility policy.

Kahoot bridging ASL with English

Kahoot! the world into a better place

You can create and play kahoots on any topic! Individuals and organizations use Kahoot! to raise awareness about important topics and create social impact. For example, UNICEF uses Kahoot! to raise awareness about children’s rights. They created kahoots in 17 languages to make it accessible for children all over the world.

Other examples of Kahoot! usage for raising awareness are games by Amnesty International, UNICEF Kid Power, Arizona State University, Common Sense Education and Columbia University. On Kahoot!’s Discover page, you can find a shortcut to kahoots focused on sustainability.

Work at a sustainable office

At Kahoot!’s headquarters in Oslo, Norway, we strive to keep our environmental footprint minimal by investing in an office with a lot of natural lighting and recycling in office. We educate our employees on sustainability issues and engage them to participate in promoting sustainability.

Reducing our environmental footprint

At Kahoot! we strive to reduce our environmental footprint and use a higher percentage of energy coming from clean sources. We are therefore now requesting our hosting partners to report on the percentage of green energy being used to power our servers, and take this information into consideration when deciding where we keep our servers.

Join Kahoot!: we walk the walk and talk the talk

Being inclusive is one of our core values, and we believe our team’s diversity is a driver of success. We have over 30 different nationalities working at Kahoot!

Members of the K!rew are protected in a safe work environment by the Norwegian Working Environment Act and the gender equality and discrimination act. We value a good work-life balance and invest in taking good care of our new employees and we value their feedback. Read more about our team and what it’s like to work at Kahoot!

Actions speak much louder than words. Kahoot! is on an unstoppable mission to make learning awesome, and sustainability is an important part of that. We are seeking passionate people who want a sustainable future. Join us and let’s help work for a better tomorrow!