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Kahoot! for ‘Toohak’ businesses and educational institutions

The ‘Toohak’ (Kahoot backwards!) umbrella of independent, fictional institutions and organisations deploy Kahoot! products and services across the Kahoot! business areas in various ways.


The global learning and engagement platform Kahoot! uses fictional institutions and organisations in the documentation, marketing and training material for its products and services. They often contain fictional scenarios and descriptions of how their products can be deployed and used.

Toohak inc.

Toohak Inc is a multinational manufacturing business with 100,000 employees and offices in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Around 25% of employees are non-desk workers. Toohak Inc deploys the products and services from Kahoot! to increase employee engagement and productivity by making learning and communication more modern, fun and interactive.

Toohak Inc logo

Toohak Coffee

Toohak Coffee is a coffee shop chain that uses services from Kahoot! at work to increase engagement with every frontline worker with engaging communication and learning resources via an employee app.

Toohak Coffee logo

Toohak University

Toohak University uses Kahoot! EDU for higher education from Kahoot! at school to provide educators and admins with advanced tools to elevate learning, assessment, culture and student admissions.

Toohak university logo

Toohak School

Toohak School is a K-12 school that uses Kahoot! EDU for schools and districts from Kahoot! at school to empower teachers and admins with engaging tools to elevate review, instruction, and school spirit. in addition save time with ready-to-use content from verified content creators on Kahoot! Academy.

Toohak School logo