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10 Jul 2014

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Using Kahoot! For foreign language teaching and flipped learning

 David Jørgensen

We recently had a chat with one of our very first Danish users, David Jørgensen, who is a Danish trainer for adult foreigners residing in Denmark, as well as an ICT pedagogical counsellor.

Here’s what he had to say about his experiences with Kahoot! so far…

“I first heard about Kahoot! on a blog. I remember it vividly, it was a Tuesday evening at 22.30. Before midnight the same night I had already made my first Kahoot!, which I used the following morning in class. The easy-to-use interface really makes it a kids play to work with Kahoot! Marvellous!

I’m a Danish trainer for adult foreigners residing in Denmark, specialising in beginners. Actually the mentioned class consisted of students who had only their second day of Danish training when I brought in Kahoot! It was a major success for the students, because it was easy to use and creates suspense and a special atmosphere in class; for me as a trainer because of the high usability, but especially because all students are active at the same time.

Currently, I use Kahoot! to correct homework and repeat presumably known material. For these purposes Kahoot! is fantastic. I can also imagine using Kahoot! for many other subjects.”

Not only that, David is also planning to play Kahoot! in multiple locations by broadcasting over the internet, and integrate it in to his flipped learning research project


I’m also an ICT pedagogical counsellor, and in this capacity I will be instructing and informing my teaching colleagues about Kahoot! this coming Wednesday. This session I probably will be broadcasting via Bambuser, because our school consists of two houses. I’m also doing a project on Flipped Learning, and plan to integrate Kahoot! in this.

David has also kindly offered to run introductory Kahoot! workshops in Denmark for teachers at other schools. If any Danish teachers out there are interested, email us and we shall connect you. Many thanks David!

Check out David’s flipped learning videos on YouTube.