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7 Mar 2016

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Kahoot!’ing with Kano at SXSWedu 2016: challenges for young learners

Designed to engage and motivate learners of all ages, Kahoot! is even more powerful when learners take the reins. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Kano for SXSWedu to let young learners create and play their own learning games… on computers they’ve built themselves.

With millions of Kahoot!’ers around the world, we get to hear about hundreds of inventive and inspiring ways you play Kahoot! Better still, we get to enjoy stories about how you’ve used Kahoot! to motivate and truly engage your learners, and to make real breakthroughs with the learners who needed it most. You share victory dances, fist pumps, big emoji grins and magic moments so incredible they make our hearts swell.

Time and time again, we can trace those magic moments back to one key ingredient: a chance for all learners to feel success.

With those wonderful magic moments in mind, we’ve been working on ways to help learners feel even more connected to the content they’re learning and really deepen that sense of achievement.

Kahooting with Kano

Enter Kano, a delightful little computer anyone can make, designed to encourage children to create, learn and play together.

This week at #SXSWedu, Kahoot! and Kano will be teaming up for the very first time to empower young learners. Students will get to build Kano computers from scratch, and use those very same computers to join a game of Kahoot!

It doesn’t stop there, though. Having seen our Learners to Leaders pedagogy in action, we know just how rewarding it is for learners to be able to create and host their own kahoots. So, we’re challenging them to do just that – on a Kano! Digitally savvy young learners will even get to take things up a notch, using original artwork they’ve coded themselves – like this coded Snowboarder Kahoot! Ghost:

Snowboarder Kahoot! Ghost

Kahoot!’ing with Kano Challenges:

The K!ano Play challenge:
With this simple challenge, young learners (ages 6+) will get to enjoy playing a kahoot on a device they’ve built themselves.

1. Build a Kano and connect it to a screen and the internet.
2. Choose a kahoot to play – we love starting with something fun for all ages like the Finish the Disney Song by CupcakeQueen96 below.
3. Gather around a shared screen and launch the kahoot, encouraging players to join from the Kano they’ve created!

The K!ano Create challenge:

For an even deeper sense of achievement, challenge young learners to create their own kahoot about the #WinterGames, their favourite subject, or even about themselves.

1. Build a Kano and connect it to a screen and the internet.
2. Visit, click Quiz and create your own learning game using cool photos and animations from our free #WinterGames gallery.
3. Make sure everyone can see the screen, then launch the kahoot from your Kano, challenging friends and classmates to play.

The K!ano Code & Create challenge:
To fuel creativity and make learning fun, challenge young learners to code their very own artwork for a kahoot.

1. Build a Kano, connect it to a screen and the internet, and log into Kano World.
2. Follow the instructions to code your own #WinterGames snowboarder ghost or snow-capped mountains, or choose an artwork project from Kano World.
3. Create a cool #WinterGames learning game, using the artwork you’ve coded!

Let us know how it goes!

We’re looking forward to hearing how you get on with the Kahoot!’ing with Kano challenges! Tweet your photos, artwork and kahoots to@GetKahoot with hashtag #kahootwithkano and we’ll share our favourites!

Kahootimg with Kano

Visit Kahoot! and Kano at SXSWedu

If you’re in Austin for SXSWedu, make sure you come say hello! Aside from Kahoot!’ing with Kano, this week we’re also running Learners to Leaders workshops (bring your students!), giving our community a sneak preview of future game modes, running Kahoot! Masterclasses, and mingling with the Ed Tech crowd at a mixer. More details here.