With our new challenge feature, you can assign kahoots as homework so that students play them in our app on their mobile devices. Not only does it make homework much more fun and engaging for your learners, but it also saves your time on correcting assignments and gives you an easy way to assess learning progress.

We’ll crunch the numbers into neat reports for you! Here’s how you can see results of your homework challenges:

Download a report on your computer

  1. Go to kahoot.com and log in to your Kahoot! account
  2. Open the kahoot you set as a challenge and click the View results link under its description. It’ll take you directly to the game reports.
    New kahoot details page: view results of your homework challenges
  3. Alternatively, click on your username in the top right corner and navigate to My results.
  4. Track the progress by getting a report for your game in a spreadsheet! Find the title of the kahoot you assigned as homework on the list and download a report as a spreadsheet or save it to Google Docs.

Download reports with Kahoot! homework results on your computer

See homework progress and results in our app

Whether your students are still playing the challenge and you want to get a sneak peek into their progress, or the assignment is completed and you want to see the final report, here’s how you can do it on your phone:

  1. Open the Kahoot! app on your phone
  2. Log in to your account: to get there, tap on the profile icon in the bottom left corner and then on the Settings icon
  3. Go to the home screen and open the challenge in progress
  4. Tap on the leaderboard to expand it (you’ll see the full leaderboard, while learners only see the top 5 and their own score)
  5. Swipe to Questions to get detailed insights question by question.

You’ll see who completed the challenge, who is still playing and what the scores are, with progress bars also indicating the share of correct and incorrect answers for each player.

After a challenge is completed, you can dive into stats question by question and see the ratio of correct and of incorrect answers.

Helpful for formative assessment

In just a couple of taps, you can get valuable insights that will help you:

  • understand how well the content was mastered
  • spot areas that require more attention in your next class and plan it accordingly
  • see if your students need a bit of extra guidance with the topic in general or particular questions.

About to create your first homework challenge? Learn how it can help you save time on correcting assignments and check out these step-by-step instructions for assigning kahoots as homework!